Why will Jesus Christ judge the church first?

Can God judge HIs church? Find out when and how and why the judgement of God comes into people's lives and to entire churches.

We live in a very interesting and unique time. Christians, all believers in Jesus Christ have amazing opportunities and responsibilities to handle. Churches rise and sadly some of them fall. Many believers have questions: why such things happen? Let us learn why will Jesus Christ judge the church first and only then deal with the world.

In 1 Peter 4:17 we read the following:

1 peter 4:17

The Bible states that God starts His dealings with the church and first deals with sin or righteousness within in and only then deals with the unbelievers. Can we be judged and punished from God? What does it mean for the judgment to start with the house of God?

In the Gospel of John 3:36 we read that the one who believes in Son has the eternal life, but the one who does not is already condemned by God. With the coming of Jesus Christ God has changed not only the Covenant we live under, but He has changed the era and all the spiritual laws on Earth and on Heaven.

law of love in Jesus Christ

Before the coming of Jesus Christ people lived according to justice. The law stated: eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. If you sinned, you needed to be punished or paid back for the sin. Justice ruled. However, when Jesus came He did not only change the covenant (the Old one for a New one), but He also changed the principle that works both on heaven and on the Earth.  Instead of Justice now we have the Mercy ruling.

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Law and mercy in Jesus Christ

The saying goes: When the justice was about to hang me the Mercy cut the rope! People in the church are not perfect. At times they sin even more than those in the world. In Gospel of Mathew 7:2 Jesus said that the judgment you use to judge others is the same that would be used to you. What does it mean?
law and grace

There are only two judgments to go by: Justice (the Old Covenant) and Mercy (the New one). When God comes to judge His church, He looks to see how they live and judge. The church may still hold on to the old ways and live by justice. Then you sin and you get pain, sickness and other problems given to you by justice. But if the church lives by the grace and mercy of God give in the Son, then when people sincerely repent in their sins, they become forgiven by God and they learn how to forgive others.

the mercy of God

If you are afraid of the judgment of God, make the right choice. No one can be holy in the eyes of God by the law. But if you find the ongoing redemption and forgiveness in the blood of Jesus Christ, you remain humble and pave your way to real life righteousness. You get empowered by God in Jesus Christ to live a holy life here on Earth in His grace and mercy!  


Now a lot of people do not believe in God, and come to church only when they have already happened some sort of trouble. But it's not right, God is, and always helps everyone. In the church, many people leave their sins. There are of course and serve in the church is not the believers, serve only for the money, as it is now a lot of them there, and so Jesus Christ will judge the first church. I this article was very interesting and close, we will never know the truth about what happened, but to live with faith in his heart and hope for the best.

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