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Is It Wrong To Consult A "white Garment" Spiritualist Or Babalawo?


I won't condemn anyone for visiting either party, but I'd rather pray to God on my own.

Sometimes, you go through so much that you tend to believe that God is no longer or won't answer your prayers and then you need help, so you opt for a "powerful" person to pray for you.

Whether this solves your problems or adds to it afterwards, and whether you loose cash or were stripped Unclad, flogged, danced, sea or river "bathe", killed or bought ritual materials, is a personal matter (you may or may not disclose your reason for saying Yes or No)

Some believe in their Pastor, Alfa, or Babalawo while some go to them for prayers and some for "more" prayers which end up in memorable (though not always pleasant) experiences.

It is not wrong neither can I say it is right, but whatever you choose to say, please be honest, no name - calling.

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Are You Proud To Be A Nigerian?

I've lived in N.Y now for about 5years and it saddens me.

My first year here in highschool was a bit rocky.Didn't want to be here so I was really hostile to people around me. I finally,one day heard them pronounce the name of a Nigerian. I'm so excited because I've been surrounded by people of the carribean who of course bond because of where they're from. I'll never forget her, her name was Njidekah Olisah.

Well anyway,I go up to her and i'm introducing myself. I asked her if she was Nigerian. You know what this girl said?

"My mum's nigerian, but my dad is jamaican, so I'm jamaican" which kain jamaican with the name njideka olisah? i was outraged. I just looked at her and said okay and left with utter disgust.

I must admit, she's not the first one, who has done it. The line. "My parents are but I'm not" When you're Bottom knows that you were born in isolo somewhere. I have another friend whose mother is south african and her father is from Rivers, she'll tell you she's South-African and not bat an eyelid. I see it everyday and it's sad.

What do you guys think?

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