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Is Ramsey Nouah Really Bankrupt?

Dont look at me, thats what i heard. It seems the ban caught the pretty boy unawares, even heard that he had deposited money for so many things before the ban and immediately the people heard he was banned they quickly came asking for their money and lover-boy had to pay up. Now he's broke and a little sober. RMD runs his own business so i know he's okay. Omotola's husband is loaded so i guess she's cool too. Stella , well, her husbands death did not help matters but i really pray she's fine, she's my girl. Know how the others are faring?

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What Happens At The End Of "behind Closed Doors Part 3"?

[color=#006600]Please Don't read if you haven't seen it or plan to.

I've got to the point where Desmond Elliott shoots a pregnant Stella Damasus and has now come to RMD's house to kill him. The mum (Patience Ozokwor) defends RMD.

What happens in part three?

Does she get shot?

What happens to all characters?

Is Stella really dead?

BTW despite poor sound quality-Stella can saaaaaaang! I love her.[/color]

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