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Should I Come Back To This Hopeless Nigeria?

It is now exactly 2 weeks since I got into the United States of America on a tourist visa organized by my wonderful fiancée (of many years standing) who works with a travel agency in Lagos. Two agonizing weeks of utter confusion and indecision about coming back to Africa, I mean Nigeria, Lagos to be precise. I am not sure I have been able to catch more than a couple of hours sleep daily in the last 2 weeks trying to decide what in God’s good name I should do with my life. Two days from today, my official leave from my office in Lagos finishes and my ‘non refundable, unchangeable and lowest priced return ticket expires. Should I come back?

I am a medical doctor working in one of the highest paying medical jobs in Lagos at slightly above 100k a month, have held this job for just a few months now, and it has been my best job ever. Prior to starting work in this heavenly place, I was doing three (yes, three) jobs, 8am to 5pm(daily for 55k), 8pm to 7am (daily for 35k) and alternate weekends (Saturday 8am to Monday 7am for 7k), altogether 97k/month for doing three jobs. There are nights when I don’t get any sleep at all, days that I spend dosing while attending to patients and weekends that offer no respite whatsoever to my stress ridden work schedule. I have a car, (which my 13 year old niece hails as an ‘accident waiting to happen’) that ferries me to all these different hospitals where I work, several times in the past I have contemplated parking the car and using the horrible transport system in Lagos so I can save money on the maintenance of my vehicle: however, a personal experience with the popular ‘one chance’ bus robbers and several gory tales from my friends about this innovative robbers scare me so much that I continue sinking money into the car to keep it on the road.

Ever since I suffered a humiliating beating in the hands of mobile police thugs escorting a VIP, the sight of policemen gives me the jitters. The funny thing is that I got the beating after one of the sleek cars in the convoy brushed my jalopy, I heard the siren and quickly parked my car off the road, the VIP car still managed to come and hit me and I got beating black and blue for that, if I had been the one at fault would I still be alive today?

I am fed up of this country, everything just sucks, there is no way forward in this country. I am so Confused, should I really come back or become an illegal allien in yankee?

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Travelling is No More Safe In Nigeria?

Travelling is no more a safe thing to do in Nigeria o!

While science says the safest and fastest way to travel is by air, we in Nigeria agree but differently. It is the fastest way to the journey beyond. I mean think of it, our roads are nothing but bosom traps as they are in terrible states, while they are safe passages for transistion to the hereafter as they are manned by professional robbers or The Nigerian Robbers Force. So which one we go do o! I no know.

Train Nko? Oshodi to Agege in 36 hours with or without luggage.

We should all pray for the souls of the departed last weekend in P/H and the those of the unknown that travelled by road and met with the same fate all over the country.

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Difference Between A Police Man And An Armed Robber?

1. Them two hold gun!

2. Them two like "wetin you carry"

3. Them two like black uniform

4. Them two no dey tell you wey dem dey work

5. Them two their children no like their papa work

6. Them two dey shoot at sight

In fact, the only difference be say one go claim say na accidental discharge!

While the other one go say that na Satan work!

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