A cockroach has how many stages of life history?

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Property of all members of this family is considered an incomplete cycle of development, which means that the stage of transformation of larvae to pupae in this species is not. After fertilization, the female cockroaches some time carry eggs on my stomach, in a dedicated container – ootake.

Over time, eggs begin to grow, ootheca becomes more bloated and heavy. After about 2-4 weeks the females of the cockroach offspring take off, hiding it in an inaccessible location, most often warm and humid.

After the eggs hatch, the nymphs were small cockroaches (up to 3 mm) white color.

Females of some species of cockroaches are hatching offspring in ootheca until the moment of birth and even some time take care of it.

After a while, the nymphs start to become darker, their carapace hardens, but in order to develop into an adult cockroach needs to undergo several molts. Depending on the temperature, it may take different times.

The life stages of the cockroach

Red cockroaches of the nymphs develop into adults over a period of:

2 months in the summer, if the temperature is above 30 degrees;

6 months, at a temperature of about 20 degrees.

An adult cockroach is called an imago, the average lifetime varies in the range of 20-30 weeks.

Therefore, without impeding factors, red cockroaches live for about 12 months!

Black cockroaches can live much longer – up to two years, as their periods of development are slower.

Under certain conditions, the life cycle of these insects can significantly decrease.

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