Black genetics - 5 rarely known facts

Is black genetic special? Does it differ much from all the others? Find out some amazing facts on this topic.

Every person on the Earth is unique. However, many scientists claim that black genetics is much more interesting and peculiar. There are many interesting facts about black people, which can be explained only by their genes.

Black genetics

For a plain person, it is impossible to find out all about genetics immediately. Nevertheless, you must know about this issue a bit more. It will allow you to understand features of black genetics and its importance better. Thus, in general, it's study of genes, their variations, and heredity in any living organisms. It is mostly the issue of biology, but many other sciences are interested in it as well.

Influential characteristics of genes

It might be hard to understand why many people are so interested in this field. However, if you know what great impact it has on our life, you will never ask such a question. Genes may define many essential things in our appearance and behavior. Plenty of couples consult the specialists about blood groups and genotypes, as they want to have healthy children or just prefer to make sure their health is all right.

Influential characteristics of genes

Thus, genes may affect the following peculiarities of a person:

  1. Appearance nigerianBehavior. Children usually resemble their parents. For example, if they adults are aggressive, their kids will probably be the same.
  2.  Appearance. Combination of alleles, which you inherit from parents may be the same or different. For example, various types may have an impact on person’s eyes color (so, you might have, for instance, gray or green ones). Besides, genes can influence ability to taste bitter tasting compound.
  3. Diseases. There are particular illnesses, which also may be received from parents (or even grandparents). In this case, blood genotypes are extremely important for the future family. It especially concerns African people, who're prone to sickle cell disease.
  4. Character nigerianCharacter. Sometimes even some traits might be inherited by children. If a parent is attentive and smart, his or her kid might grow up the same. However, growing up is vital here as well.
  5. Talents and skills. Some people say it is controversial; the others are sure that our babies can receive certain skills from us. If you are gifted singer or composer, your child can be keen on music or have a wonderful voice.

These are common features, which might be influenced by genes. That’s why nowadays many Nigerians are so interested in genetics.

Blood genotype and marriage

As it's been said, a lot of people pay attention to genes to find appropriate marriage partner. Your choice might affect not only your personal compatibility, but also the health of your future kids.

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Blood genotype and marriage

Blood genotype refers to hemoglobin gene constituents. You should know there exist various types of hemoglobin. As all genes are in pairs, it’s vital that not more than one of them appears to be abnormal (AC, AS). Otherwise, problem may appear. The list of all possible genotypes includes the following variations:

Blood genotype

  • AA (normal),
  • SC (ban condition with recurrent anemia),
  • AC (no symptoms, the carrier),
  • AS (no symptoms, the carrier),
  • SS or CC (sickle cell disease).

Now let’s observe the compatibility of partners:

  1. bserve the compatibility of partnersAA - AA. It is kind of perfect match. Your future children are absolutely safe. There is no necessity for you to think about genotypes.
  2. AA - AS. We’ve said that there is no danger in this case either. The worst thing that can happen is that all your children will be AS. Such kids may finally marry people with AS genotype, and serious risks may finally arise.
  3. AS - AS.  It is better not to marry, when both partners have such type.
  4. AS - SS. It's even worse, because the danger is higher. Your kids will be AS or SS, and it's not good at all.
  5. SS - SS. In such case, there is not any opportunity to avoid disease, that's why it’s better not to have children. Otherwise, they may suffer for all life.

Concerning the blood groups, there are the following variations: O, A, B, and AB.

It is also a hereditary thing and depends on blood groups of both parents. You may pay attention to the Rhesus factor as well, as it sometimes helps to immunize your little ones.

Black genetics facts

You already know that black people genetics is special. It is different from the whites’ one. We want to present you several interesting facts about it, which you have hardly heard about before. They are:

  1. Black people are stronger. According to the research by Cornell University, the Europeans’ genetics have had more harmful mutations than African one. Besides, many black people were slaves, which made them even stronger. They were used as labor force. Of course, nowadays anyone can become stronger by means of constant training. However, black ones has tendency to it. Another proof of their strength is fast development of babies. For instance, African kid needs just three months to crawl (while the white baby requires 4 months more).
    Black people are stronger.
  2. Black people are more diverse. The studies show that their genetics possesses much more varieties in comparison with Europeans.
    Black people are more diverse.
  3. More complex image of evolution in genes. One of the ancestors of African origin has both ancient and modern features in the appearance. It proves that development of black people was more complex.
    More complex image of evolution in genes.
  4. Melanin health benefits. It's frequently called miracle that African population has such a complexion. First of all, it gives an outstanding protection from negative effects and ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, it can even fight against any other kinds of existent radiation and prevent skin from aging. It may surprise you, but melanin is able to absorb energy (such as sound or light) and convert it into reusable one.
    Melanin health benefits.
  5. Wonderful sprinters. You have probably noticed that the majority of top world runners are black ones. It isn't coincidence. The recent study claims that the reason of it is their special muscle composition. It allows them to become the most anaerobically efficient sportsmen. It is also connected with the way their bodies process energy. Moreover, it is proven that Africans (especially Kenyans) have greater endurance. It is because little ammonia accumulation in muscles from protein combustion as well as less lactic acid buildup. There are more muscle enzymes in their bodies, which burn fats. Besides, their glycogen reserves are not burnt very fast. 
    nigerian Wonderful sprinters. 

You see, there are many differences between black and white people. All of them are unique, but according to facts listed above, Africans are much more interesting from point of view of genetics.

Genetics of black people is extremely exciting. Many scientists still try to study it and carry out various researches. More and more interesting facts are discovered every day.

Genetics of black people

Genes can influence many important things, such as appearance, behavior, skills, and so on. Being an African, you may have really nice chances to become a great athlete. Moreover, it is also essential to pay attention to groups and genotypes of blood, before having a baby. The outcomes might be different, because terrible diseases are inherited by children as well. Thus, be very attentive to your health ad take all the benefits of your black genetics.


Indeed, the genetics of black people is noticeably different. When I read the article, the first thought I had in my head, is that black is strong, because they were previously slaves. This explains the fact that many among the black athletes, because they are more durable. Also, in my opinion, black people are more calm. And yet the main disadvantage is that they have a predisposition to various viral diseases that may affect not one generation. The article is wonderful, there is something to ponder.

Answered 1 year ago.

what about mental aspect of life compare with white people

Answered 1 year ago.

Genetics - this is a very complex science, and is unable to know its none! After all, knowledge and genetics are changing every year! Each of us is inherent gene inheritance of our fathers! From one we take the color of eyes and hair, and of another color! Sometimes nature does wonders and genotype on people! There are many cases where doctors are engaged in the study of genetics, breeding back, because children are not born with the genotype that their parents! Become given quite interesting and contains interesting information and facts!

Answered 1 year ago.

We hear a lot about “bright hair” and “blue eyes”, which is “a symptom” of the Aryans, but almost all of those who make these comments have zero knowledge about genetic factors relative to such physiological traits. Ignorance of the facts highlighted by two extremes – the supporters of black supremacy, whose disregard genetics, announces their dominant gene is a symptom of the dominant Race; and the supporters of white supremacy, equally ignoring it, assuming that some natural Aryan signs of this as “genetic mixing of blood"

Answered 1 year ago.
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