Could another Nigerian win the Noble Prize? – The story and bio of Professor Deji Akinwande

This Nigerian is already to receive a prestigious scientific award from Barak Obama. Will he also get the Noble prize?

Nigeria continues to surprise the world. More and more talented people are being found here. Deji Akinwande has recently become one of them. What do you know about him? What is he famous for? Can he get a Noble prize? Let’s find it out right now!

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Why Deji Akinwande can become next Nigerian Noble prize winner?

Deji Akinwande professor

Professor Deji Akinwande is the person, who has been named by the US president for the highest research award. However, the man claims he has always been a Nigerian (even after spending many years abroad). His invention is incredible. It is aimed at building more efficient electronic chips in order to make mobile phones operate for a week or even two without charging. The first Nigerian Noble prize winner was Woly Soyinka.

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The inventor claims that they have made a real step forward in this direction. The progress is already significant and may soon affect everyday life of people.

Deji Akinwande biography and facts

He grew up in Opebi Allen, in Ikeja, which is the area of state of Lagos. Being a young boy, he left Nigeria. It happened in 1994. Deji did very well at school and was a diligent student. After obtaining secondary education, he entered Federal Government College. From that point his interest for engineering started. Though his father was an accountant at one of newspapers and his mother was a government employee at the education ministry, he chose the other way. Akinwande has always been keen on issues of origin of life and the universe.Here are some other black Noble prize winners. 

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As for the current plans of the professor, he is eager to work with some Nigerian universities and researchers. He is looking forward to reach better technological development in his native country. He says that he never forgets he is Nigerian and is always proud to announce this fact. Deji Akinwande is absolutely sure, there are plenty of gifted people with great potential in Nigeria. That’s why any of those guys would do even better than he does, if they get an opportunity.

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The current reports say that the professor is one of the main candidates to win Nobel Prize in physics. Well, he deserves it. Let’s wish him good luck and see how he can change the everyday life of plain people within our country and abroad. Nigeria may feel proud for its prominent citizens.

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