Ebola treatment – have they found antibodies to save lives?

Can Ebola survivors provide the key to saving lives in the future? Scientists are actively working on Ebola virus treatment.

Just recently Africa and Nigeria struggled with Ebola and people feared for their lives, and now they are struggling with the Lassa fever killing many. These two diseases are similar, only Ebola is more deadly. Have they been able to find cure and hope for those infected with it?

Ebola treatment

The good news is that the Ebola treatment is on the way!  NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) scientists have been working with the samples taken from the Ebola survivors’ bodies. They have discovered the antibody for the virus, which kills Ebola. This far it has been tested on non-human primates only.


The antibody was taken from a person who survived after getting infected with Ebola. These antibodies were tested on monkeys and showed pretty good results in clinical conditions. The chances are they would prove to be even more useful for humans.

Ebola have they found antibodies to save lives?

They can become the foundation for the Ebola treatment that would prevent thousands of death. Only in 2014-2015 Ebola has carried away over 11 thousand lives only in West Africa. It has evoked terror in people’s heart.

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 found antibodies to save lives

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Interesting enough that the antibodies were gotten from a person who survived Ebola back in 1995 during that outbreak of the deadly disease. For now they have not developed a full-fledged Ebola treatment, but they believe it is possible. Their research has made the breakthrough in the area. It is quite possible that the research would move to the stage of human testing. Such information was published by the ScienceDaily in the February 2016. Let us hope we can avoid the new Ebola outbreak in the nearest future, but even if it happens, we would be well armed to overcome the deadly foe!


Hello everyone on this site and those who just read this article! Quite interesting and useful information that is presented in the article! Contains information basis which must know each of us! Because this virus is very dangerous and can carry lethal nature... Therefore, everyone should have a complete knowledge base of the virus, ways of transmission, manifestations, effects and how to treat it! You need to protect your health and the health of people around you! In today's world every time mutate and appear all new viruses that are unknown to humanity, all scientists should deal with this ..

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Immunotherapy for broad-based action against Ebola may be a real breakthrough, because doctors will no longer be afraid of uncertainty, what strain of virus will cause the next outbreak Recently, scientists were able to obtain antibodies that can potentially neutralize two of the most deadly strain of Ebola. The studies were conducted with mice, but the findings play a key role in the creation of therapy for people. The Zaire Ebola virus caused in 2014, the largest in history the outbreak in West Africa. The next most dangerous strain - Sudan.

Now the tests are relatively Zairian strain. In recent research, scientists were able to create antibodies containing key sequences from the antibodies Zainskogo and Sudanese strains. Therefore, new antibodies work well against both of them. The effectiveness has been proven in cell cultures and in mice exposed to lethal doses of the virus.

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