How to generate water from air?

Did you know that there is a chance for you to generate water from air? Do you know how scientists suggest you should do it? Keep reading this article to see what they say about it.

generate water from the airScholars from Israel are moving much faster than the rest of the world developing their scientific knowledge and practical application of it. That is why when thinking about a lack of drinking water in hot and humid areas they did not see it as a dead-end problem abut as an opportunity to grow and develop.

If you have an air conditioner at home, you probably know that when it is on, some water is gathering and dropping down on people that pass by your house. Moreover, business centers and other industrial buildings that use air conditioners to cool down the air temperature in the building know that there is always water dripping off the piece of equipment. This means that there is water in the air. We knew it, but only Israeli scholars have decided to use this for the benefits of their state.

The information about the water cycle is one of the first things we learn at the environmental studies classes. You probably know that water moves from under the ground through the atmosphere and then falls back to the ground in the shape of rain drops.

water from the air

This basic knowledge of the natural cycle of water and need to supply drinking water to Israeli soldiers on the frontiers encouraged an Israeli company Water-Gen to come with a perfect solution on how to generate water from the air.

As the founders of the company explained, they did not consider water was dripping from the air conditioners as a “side effect of the cooling process. On the contrary, they stated that living in such a hot climate as an Israel’s one they wanted to use that water or maybe even generate it with the help of state-of-the-art technologies.

The principle of operation of this machine is very simple: the equipment aims to make as much condensation as possible and to get as much of it from the air as they only can. The machine they have constructed consists of plastic plates that create a so-called “funneling effect” of the air that goes in various directions. With the help of this piece of equipment, Water-Gen is now supplying separate people and even whole companies with water that is made, basically, out of nothing.

water from air machine

Israeli scholars come up with all kinds of innovations, and Water-Gen is only one of seven other enterprises that will introduce The United Nations General Assembly to their genius invention.

So far, Water-Gen’s equipment that generates water from air comes in three main sizes. Depending on the size of the machine different volumes of water are produced. Thus, the smallest machine is capable of generating four gallons of water a day. This machine is considered to be a home device. However, some offices have already gotten this water-from-air machine to fit the needs of the office employees. The next device according to the size and productivity produces almost one hundred twenty gallons of water a day while the biggest piece of equipment will generate more than eight hundred gallons.

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The data is possible at eighty degrees and at least sixty percent of humidity in the region. The officials of the Water-Gen company stated that the machine, though quite pricey, are beneficial in many ways. And one of the ways is that the gallon of water generated in such a way will only cost up to ten cents.

water in the air

The company is aiming to take this technology to two main regions of the world: those with hot and humid climate as well as those with no access to clean water that can be drunk at any time. The reason for such their aim is that  Water-Gen equipment will produce more water if the climate is humid and hot, while regions with cooler climate will get less water. However, as the research shows the company can combine two regions the want to supply with drinkable water in one because most of the places with a lack of water supplies are located in hot regions. These are the countries of Latin America, Africa and the South of Asia.

Today, the equipment of the company is being tested in several hot locations across the world. The officials of Water-Gen mentioned in the interview that they had chosen several rural locations as well as the major cities situated in the major cities. For those who got interested in the product, the good news is that they will soon start selling them after the tests and all the feedback is taken into account.

As you know, one of the most dangerous effects of global climate shift is that new places with lack of water supplies emerge and the world leaders are thinking of ways to provide all the places around the globe with clean water. That is why the founders of Water-Gen hope that their initiative and a unique equipment will be approved by world’s leaders as a way of eliminating the water crisis. They say that they see no reason to discuss the equipment on level others than governmental. They also note that in case governments decide to use their innovations, it will be much cheaper and faster than in the case of individual purchases.

water in the air machine

At the moment the discussions are held between the Water-Gen and heads of several states. As we have said before, the idea of getting water from air emerged when the soldiers of IDF asked for a better water supply on the frontiers. There was no possibility to bring water as often as they needed, so the scholars have decided to come with a better way. Since the equipment was introduced to the Israeli army, a few other countries have requested the same technology for their military forces. They said this technology is an absolute asset to their armies.

Among countries that are already using the equipment are the United States of America, Great Britain, France and several Asian countries whose names were not disclosed. The water that is generated from the air is 100% drinkable, so the soldiers do not need any specific additional technologies to make the water cleaner and safer for their health.

However, these water-from-air machines are not the only product by Water-Gen. The company has also come up with a unique water purifier that works on solar panels. This purifier is real magic: they say it can filter all kinds of viruses, poison, and parasites! It is a must-have for those who live in urban areas with bad city water filtering system as well as for those that live in areas with insufficient water supply.

Nevertheless, there is one thing this purifier is not capable of doing: desalinizing the sea water.

Meanwhile, as they presiding officer of the Water-Gen states, they are not aiming to make money on commercial activity. Their primary purpose is to ensure their military forces and other relevant institutions have everything they need in order not to worry about basic needs but focus on their professional duties.

That is why Water-Gen is ready to discuss the possibility of implementation of this piece of equipment in hot, humid countries outside of Israel to help find a solution to a water crisis in Latin America, Africa, and Asia as well as take care of people living there with the support of these water-from-air technologies.

As you see, sometimes genius ideas are right in front of us. All we need is to pay more attention and never be afraid of experimenting! Maybe then one day your invention will be of so much help as Water-Gen water generator!

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