Meteor explosion – have we missed the large falling star in February?

Meteors are amazing. Have you missed the largest and latest one landing? Check out now.

Nature is always surprising us. Sometimes things happen and make us wonder. However, very often we cannot even notice important and interesting details. Have you heard about meteor hitting Earth recently? Let’s talk about it.

do meteors hit earth

It actually happened several weeks ago. However, the reporters have started talking about it just now. Specialists from NASA noticed the impact from it over the ocean not far from Brazilian coast. According to their estimates, its width was about 5-7 meters. Phil Plait, who studies meteors, says that it is one of the largest in recent years. The reason no one was able to notice it was that it fell on the water. Thus, there is no meteor crater left.

Meteor explosion

Phil Plait was also the one, who analyzed it. He claims that the energy, which has been released by blast from such space rock appeared to be almost equal to detonation of 13,000 tons of TNT. Nevertheless, other specialists are sure that it would not do much harm if falling on land anyway. If you understand how do meteors hit earth, you may guess that it would only rattle several windows and give people some great pictures.

How meteors are formed?

largest meteors on earth

Many of us are still interested in the origin of those giant rocks falling from the sky. Well, most of them are made of pieces of asteroids from the asteroid belt. Thus, they were torn apart by gravitational forces. Now debris occasionally falls on Earth as meteorites. Many of them actually appeared long time ago, when solar system had only begun to develop, several billion years back.

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Meteor explosion on earth

According to the specialists from NASA, about 30 of such pieces burn up in the atmosphere every year. Most of them never hit the land. However, even if they do, they might stay unnoticed, as they may fall in the water or on the unpopulated territory. And the cases like the one in Chelyabinsk (when hundreds of people saw the meteor) are quite rare. Military forces keep monitoring of the sky, but it does not mean they reveal all the information to the public.

Chelyabinsk meteor

You can also found all the hits registered during the month on NASA’s Fireballs and Bolides page. Their impact energy is below one kT though.

We will probably become witnesses of meteor shower once. But we just hope it will not have any negative impact on the Earth and won’t hurt people as it has been in Chelyabinsk.


The best way to observe and count the meteors — to the recliner, the better to observe all the sky. Your eyes should be directed slightly above a point midway between the horizon and Zenith. Cannot be observed in a sitting position, throwing the head back, it disturbs the circulation and causes a reduction of visual acuity. When observations of meteors should not be looking at the radiant. In this case will be visible only to short meteors, and the weakest of them will go unnoticed. Far from the radiant are seen the longest and brightest meteors.

Do not forget about warm clothes and a blanket, because most of the time you will be inactive and quickly will cool the body even the seemingly warm summer night.

Binoculars and telescopes are useless for observing meteor showers, as limit the field of vision a few degrees. See the meteors with the naked eye! Just in case the meteor leaves a long trail of dust, it is useful to observe in binoculars, as the trail bends and dissolve under the action of atmospheric currents.

In General, at observance of these simple conditions, you can not only enjoy the beautiful spectacle, but also to benefit science.

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