New Milky Way map – are there news stars being born in our galaxy?

Have you heard about the new discovery? Look at the amazing photos of the Milky Way. God is great.

Not only astronomers, but also plain people have always been interested in the mystery of skies. Stars, planets, galaxies, and enigmas connected with them have attracted our attention at all times. However, what is new about them? Has there been a new discovery recently?  Let’s go deeper and find it out about the new Milky Way map

star-formation milky way

Milky Way sky map news

According to the latest news, a very important research on our galaxy has just been completed. As the reported data say, a huge swathe of cold dust as well as gas distribution has been added to the map of Milky Way. It’s been done to find out how the stars are being created.

wilky way map

There have been about 70+ papers published on the subject. Then, the specialists in astronomy compared the received information from the survey with the observations taken from the Planck satellite of European Space Agency. The results were published in one of the Astronomy & Astrophysics editions. Thus, several dense-star forming areas and star-formation rate of our galaxy were indicated there. In general, the study proves that the Milky Way produces about 13 stars, which have the same mass as the Sun, every 10 years.

How it became possible

Atacama Pathfinder Experiment telescope

The research has become possible because of the great scientific progress. Atacama Pathfinder Experiment telescope, 40-foot in diameter of the lens, turned the dreams of many scholars into reality. It was located almost 17,000 feet above the sea in Chile. The place was not selected occasionally. In fact, it is much better to observe hew Milky Way from the Southern Hemisphere. It would be impossible in Europe or in the USA. Besides, the northern part of this phenomenon has already been observed in Hawaii at Mauna Kea Observatory. James Clerk Maxwell Telescope was applied.

James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

One of the members of APEX project – Dr. Carlos De Breuck – thinks that people are able to see such things, because they are actually inside of the galaxy. However, it is essential to understand how the stars are forming in order to notice all the changes happening every time. Thus, soon after the survey, a new map was released. It was named ATLASGAL. Moreover, as the scientist claims, it is available for any person on earth, including astronomers and plain people.

new star formation

The research continued for several years. From 2007 to 2010 the mapping was done. Then, by 2016, there were some observations added and analyzed as well. Finally, the new map was released on the 24th of February. It represents full census of star-forming regions, situated within our galaxy.

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Future plans

starry sky

It has already been called a legacy. Long after the end of the study, its result will be valuable and relevant. Besides, as Dr. De Breuck assures, it is only the beginning. They will continue their research. During the study, many new regions have been found, and each of them must be observed (with its properties, size, and gas clumps). Nowadays everyone can see how the stars form and collapse and where these processes are happening. By now, the observations have been made in various wavelengths. It made the comparison of their differences possible. Thus, in millimeter and sub-millimeter waves, they see the dense regions shine very brightly, while in the other ones they look dark.

star formation

The universe is full of mysteries. There are much more things that we have not found out yet. Nevertheless, technological development continues, and we soon may know some more interesting and useful things about the galaxy we live in.


Hello everyone reading this article! Very interesting, useful and fascinating information! Generally I like to read all kinds of new items such related sky and stars! And the constellations of the Milky Way looks very nice, I love to sit quiet in the evenings and watch the heavenly bodies! This is especially great when you sit far outside the city, where silence and darkness, as well shine all the stars! Just in love with the stars! How romantic to watch the sky with your lover! Our galaxy - this is a miracle that the human imagination is not just imagine!

Answered 1 year ago.

Astronomers have measured the age of 70 thousands of stars in our galaxy, the milky Way, and inflicted the results on the galactic map.

They confirm what cosmologists knew for a long time - our galaxy is expanding, and the oldest stars are in the center. Now we have data on the age of the stars not only in the plane of the disk, but also in the space above the plane of the galaxy. data were collected in the framework of the project "Apogee", which is based on the use of ground-based telescopes, automatically measuring the radiation of up to 300 stars at once in a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our galaxy began its history in the shape of a small disk, which is constantly expanding in the direction from the center.

Answered 1 year ago.
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