What Do You Know About Biological Warfare?

What Do You Know About Biological Warfare? From my own research I found that, The term biological warfare refers.

1. Deliberate spreading of disease among humans

2. It is also the act of spreading disease among animals and plants. Note: The aim of the user is to get to a targeted audience So when the targeted population is infected by the the diseases by way of living microorganisms, it brings satisfaction to the user. What a wicked world? Let me explain little about this biological warfare. You found out that these organism multiply in themselves what is called toxins. In time the symptoms becomes know.

Some of this biological weapons of destruction makes one to be incapacitated, even leading to death in some cases. Others can also be used to destroyed crops

What do you think? A world without biological warfare possible? Rev 21:3-5

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It is a chemical war where those involved used mostly chemicals

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