What are 10 facts about artificial intelligence we did not know?

How deep is your knowledge about artificial intelligence or AI? Artificial intelligence interesting and unknown facts you will find here.

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence interesting facts -  is the topic for endless discussions. It is out of the discussion; we are futurists. And fantasies about the future, about the amazing things, such as "thinking computers" are always fascinating. But at the same time, there is something frightening about the issue. Artificial Intelligence  interesting facts are on this subject as follows.

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The end of the world through the fault of the AI.

Of course, the AI helps humanity, but it can also be a serious threat. Scientists compare the development of AI with the creation of nuclear weapons. Think of ways to examine intelligent AI, because if it gets out of control, we expect the actual end of the world. In other words, "the Matrix" and "Terminator" can still happen in reality.


One of the most powerful supercomputers in the world - Nautilus - to a certain extent can predict the future. He foresaw, for example, where Bin Laden was hiding and  the beginning of "Arab Spring." His AI analyzes more than 100 million articles written from 1945 to the present day, and on their basis gives "predictions." While this is more like a weather forecast than predicting, but still is impressive.

artificial intelligence

 AI becomes smarter than human beings.

Computers are getting smarter every year. In 2013, the most advanced AI had a four-year child's mind, but in 2014 another AI was able to solve mathematical problems of high level. The solution is so complicated that people can not check it - a single file with the equation takes 13 gigabytes. According to special prognosis, by 2029 the average AI mind will be equal to an adult.

AI can learn.

It is said that the intelligent computer in so far as its smart user. But now the advanced AI is capable of self-learning. However, while it is quite harmless - for example, US forces have created a robot to produce for student videos from YouTube. Of course, this is not true of his assignment, but only to demonstrate the possibilities.

artificial intelligence

 Love and feelings.

One of the burning questions about AI - whether people will be able to enter into a relationship with AI, either sexual or romantic? From the physical aspect, there is no problem.  We know some robots-toys and sex shop items. From an emotional aspect, it is another pair of shoes. It is more likely to love AI  in science fiction. 

 AI can be a great poker player.

In 1997, the computer Deep Blue defeated world chess champion, Garry Kasparov. In 2011, computer IBM Watson participated in a game show «Jeopardy» and won. In 2015 supercomputer Claudio led the poker championship in Pittsburgh. Although he did not win, played perfectly. 

artificial intelligence

AI can write notes

The first article, written by an artificial intelligence appeared in the «Los Angeles Times» - it concerned the last earthquake in California, up to 5 points. Compute adjusted to reading the data seismographs made anintelligible note. Of course,  writing books and scripts by AI is out of the question up to now. The fact is, the technology also does not stand still.

 AI can repair itself.

 You should know about a six-legged robot in «The Atlantic» magazine that can repair itself after losing a couple of limbs. Using a sophisticated algorithm, that handles 13,000 movements.  AI is aware of the problem, and the robot carries out repairs. The prospects for such a machine are endless - from rescue to study the depths of the ocean and space.

 Pets with AI.

Pets need to eat; you need to clean up after them, and yet sooner or later they die. But these problems can be solved by replacing them with AI robot-dogs. According to some theories, these machines will appear in the next 10-15 years, and people will feel love and respect towards them. Take into consideration  the possible overpopulation of the Earth in 2050. If so only well off people will afford  real animals.

 Most of the AI  are of female origin. Most modern AI - such as Google Now, Siri, and Cortana sound female. No specific reasons for this are given, although studies have shown that the audience of any sex prefers female voice to male one as less threatening.

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