What are the best arguments against God's existence?

What can atheists say about creation of the Universe by God? What are the arguments against wonder in the time of clinical death? Read the article to learn the best facts, which deny god creation.

is god real

Many people answer a question: is god real? Philosophers, idealists and theologians tried to prove existence of god, but all proofs have been disproved with deep arguments. The proofs of life of god were insufficiently exact. Defenders of religion for two millennia couldn't prove valid existence and its logical opportunity.

  • The only way to prove real existence of god is to show god presence and his supernatural divine abilities. Jesus Christ promised to return to Earth during lifetime of those people among whom he preached. But we still don't see god with us. A delay of the second coming on two thousand years is sufficient basis to doubt Jesus' existence. Therefore, it is time to demand from theologians that they have invited Jesus Christ on Earth in order that he show divine omnipotence and god mercy, for example by revival of  died children or one-stage treatment of all people suffering from cancer, etc. Such effective public actions of Jesus would be the direct proof of god heals. But unfortunately they are absent.

god presence

  • Defenders of religion try to confirm validity of god creation with the fact that he allegedly made the Universe. In this case, there is a question: who has created God? The answer that god existed always is not an answer, it is leaving from the answer. Objective, material world has no reason, it existed, always continues to exist, and existence of God isn't proved and can't be proved by means of this fact.
  • It is known that the science specially isn't engaged in denial of God, but data of natural sciences demonstrate that there is no Bible creation. According to the Bible narration about creation of the world, god has created sunlight in the first day, and the Sun to shine to Earth he has created on the fourth day. God has created flora on the third day when there was no Sun yet and there was no water in a liquid state. God created man, the whole Universe, plant and animal life in 6 days about 6000 years ago. Such material evidences as paleontological finds demonstrate that plant and animal life on Earth accepted modern look 1.5 million years ago. About 100 thousand years ago people appeared. According to scientific data, Earth exists more than 4.2 billion years, and the Sun and many stars are more senior than Earth. Our sun is the star of the second Space generation. The Bible text about creation of the world contradicts scientific data, therefore not bible God has created the Universe, but authors of the Bible have created god.

god with us

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  • Everything that exists in the Universe can be measured and estimated concerning weight, energy, location and other characteristics. Even the matter is only another characteristic of energy, according to physics. For example, scientists investigated millions of phenomena, beginning from slightest atoms to galaxies and congestions of galaxies. If something can't be scientifically investigated and measured, then it just doesn't exist. Spiritual representatives in image of gods, devils, heaven, hell, angels can't be subject to scientific analysis in any way, and respectively, they don't exist in real, but only in people’s imagination.
  • Christians believe that their God is ubiquitous and knows everything about what exist and will exist even before you manage to think of it. In this situation, there is no place for freedom of choice, and respectively why to punish us fire and brimstone for our offenses if everything was known already before our birth?

god creation

  • Many believers think what will be after death. But what was before you were born? The Bible doesn't tell anything about it. Why? Because the person isn't afraid to think about it, but if to think about death, then thoughts of any rescue appear at once. People believe in what they want to trust in. They can tell about incidents of clinical death, at which people saw angels and heaven. However, it is connected with the fact that the brain of person still functions, reproducing in advance programmed material about something what will be after death, but not before birth.
  • People also believe that god loves us and he is almighty. So why he won't stop all wars, which took place in the past and take place now, in the present and will happen in the future? It means that God likes to watch our sufferings and pettiness that exposes him in not-Bible image, but some kind of Joker, who is a sadistic person.

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