What causes scurvy?

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If you completely stop the intake of vitamin C in the human body, then after 4 to 12 weeks he will develop scurvy, and anyone can get sick. From this disease no one is immune. In modern conditions of scurvy with lack of vitamin C is not found. However, in the risk group still includes all those categories of people about whom we talked above. In order to stay healthy, Your diet must contain foods rich in ascorbic acid.

If the intake of vitamin C in the body is reduced or ceases altogether, you may observe the following symptoms: lethargy, lack of energy, exhaustion, looseness of the gums and ulcers, and also the loosening and loss of teeth at an early stage of the disease. At this stage the symptoms are similar to periodontitis. In the next stage of the development of scurvy in a patient appear pain in the muscles, subcutaneous hematoma arise, people become apathetic and depressed. At the last stage of scurvy, the body begins to suffer from diarrhea, failure in humans kidneys and lungs – it leads to a very rapid death.

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