What is biology?

what is biology

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The simple answer to the question, what is biology, will be: "Biology is the science of living nature". But this General definition requires the specification to better understand the issue. Let's face it, that is the study of General biology, and what is its importance in our lives. Biology studies the structure, origin of living beings, their functioning, interaction among themselves and with the environment. What is studying biology in General? It examines the organization of life from the molecular level. Its main task is to explain all the phenomena of nature, though at the same time, like a big organism, across species their properties and purpose. I must say that biology is not just a science, it is a complex of Sciences about living nature. It is science that study different areas. Virology studies viruses, bacteriology - bacteria Mycology - fungi, botany - plants Zoology - the animal world, anatomy reveals all about the structure of the person.

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