What is female part of a flower called?

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Why water dissolves different substances? We know that the water molecule is electrically neutral, but the electric charge within the molecules are distributed very unevenly, where is the oxygen atom, much higher density of electric charge. And there, where the area of the hydrogen atoms, the stronger is the positive charge. A dipole is a water molecule.

Since the water molecule is a dipole, then this is due to its amazing ability, to safely navigate the electric field, and the ability to join other molecules that carry a charge.

Therefore distinguish between hydrophobic substances, poorly soluble in water, such as rubber, fats and the like. As well as, hydrophilic substances are those that dissolve well in water, such as alkali, salt and acid.

The contents in the matter of a fat allows the human body to dissolve in water because the cells of our body have a special membrane that contain specific fat components, thanks to the water not only dissolves our mortal body, but also contributes to our life.

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