What is geotropism?

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So called in plant physiology, the ability of the various organs of the plant be placed and grow in a particular direction relative to the center of the globe. Everyone knows that the stem grows upwards and the root downwards. But since the concept of "up" and "down" are relative, rather this phenomenon should be formulated as: the stem and root grow in the direction of the earth's radius. On the basis of this universally observed fact we can conclude that the reason for this orientation lies in the strength of gravity, or gravity. The experiments of Knight (Knight, 1806) confirmed this completely. Couching the seeds for a rapidly rotating circle of the centrifugal machine, the knight noticed that the roots of young plants were growing in the direction of the centrifugal force (toward the center), and the stems in the opposite direction. It is obvious that in this experiment, the centrifugal force acted as under normal conditions the force of gravity acts.

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