What is lunar eclipse? – Two lunar eclipses of March

Astrnomony can be fascinating. This week people could see lunar eclipse and some other amazing things on the sky. Learn more now.

On March 21 inhabitants of the planet could see how the Moon and Jupiter rising in the sky. It can be seem that objects are close to each other with naked eye. Satellites of Jupiter were built in the one line and they form the lunar eclipse for us to enjoy.

Two lunar eclipses of March 2016

On Tuesday, the full moon is expected in March 22, and then there a lunar eclipse is waited. It means that the Earth will make a shadow on the Moon surface. Without special equipment, the effect can be hardly swept up, but if you have a telescope, there is a chance to see how the moon surface is gradually becoming dark. The eclipse begins at 2:39 PDT. Observers from North America are the luckiest. The Moon is expected to reach the darkest state at this moment. The population of east hemisphere won't be able to see it completely.

Two lunar eclipses

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Observers in the Pacific Ocean, Australia, New Zealand and Japan are also lucky. They'll see an eclipse entirely at night on March 23 at 11:47 UT. At this moment, the moon will be the darkest.

On Thursday, March 24, people will be able to observe a full moon. It will be also possible to notice a star Kolas, which will shine all night long and on all the sky, beginning on the East and finishing on the South at sunrise.

In addition, it will be possible to see a star of Arcturus and Jupiter by means of the telescope.

Two lunar eclipses 2016

Owners of good equipment also will be able to see Comet Galaxy Pair. It means that Comet Ikeya-Murakami will pass through constellation of Leo, near fine spiral galaxy NGC 290.

All this will look less than usually, therefore the audience should use strong increase in technique. If you have good equipment, don't miss this chance. The huge number of stars will be is very close from Earth, allowing us to see its bright shine.

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