What is Nigerian society of engineers?

Have you heard anything of The Nigerian Society of Engineers. If no, you should check out this article to be informed about one of the most significant societies in Nigeria!


The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) is the dream organization for the Engineering Profession in Nigeria.



The NSE was created on the 16th February, 1958 by a small group of young Nigerian graduate engineers and students in the UK. The Society was registered at the Nigerian House in London.
It was incorporated as a Company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital in 1967.
On the 1st December 1998 the Memorandum and Articles of Association were modified. Like some of its counterparts in other professions, the Society has categorized itself through progressive and imaginative programmers to become the road for the professional development of its members and also the technological development of the whole country.



 - The Nigerian Society of engineers is dedicated to target collaboration with the various arms of Government, Industry, Commerce, academia and the Society at large. The main purpose is uplifting the country as a whole.

 - The Nigerian Society of Engineers is dedicated to provide quality service which has as a target the enhancing professional competence and development of its members at all times.

 - The NSE provides the training and examination of students in engineering and the continuing professional update and development of its members.

 - Promoting, protection, encouragement and maintaining high standards of engineering study and practice.

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The society is ruled by its President of the Society. He is the Chief executive (CEO). he is the Chairman at every General Meeting, meeting of the Council and Executive Committee of the Society. The President holds for a period of two years and is succeeded by the Deputy President.
The Deputy President is elected every two years, who automatically becomes the President after the expiration of the two-year tenure of the predecessor.
The NSE also has a Council, The Executive Committee and the Secretariat.
The Council is the NSE’ s governing body.
The Executive Committee (EXCO) of the Society is responsible for overseeing the management and administration of the Society and reports to Council of the Society.
The Secretariat implements policies of the Society and the overall co-ordination of its activities.

The NSE is wide open for all the young engineers who are passionate enough to join this volunteer organization. Of course, you also have to be educated enough, too. After passing all the exams, young members work for the improvement the technologies of their country, and even the world!

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