What is the unit of force called?

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In honor of the English physicist sir Isaac Newton, has done huge research into the nature of existence and use of different types of forces, for the unit of force adopted in physics 1 Newton (1 N). What is the force of 1 N? Physics choose the unit of measurement, and special coordination with those units that have already been taken.

We know from experience and experimentation that if the body rests on force, the body under the action of this force changes its speed. Accordingly, to measure the strength of selected unit, which will characterize the velocity change of the body. And don't forget that there is also body mass, since it is known that with the same force effect on a variety of items will be different. The ball we can throw far, but the boulder will fly at a much shorter distance. That is, taking into account all factors, we come to the definition that the force of 1 N is applied to the body, if the body mass of 1 kg under the influence of this force changes its speed by 1 m/s in 1 second.

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