What is water powered generator in Nigeria?

Need a good solution for your electricity needs? Learn how a NIgerian put together water fueled generator.

Have you ever heard about alternative energy sources? Nowadays petroleum and electricity have become really expensive. Are you tired of spending lots of money? Then, we want to offer an interesting way out, which may soon become available for the population. Water-powered generator is the next step in the technological progress.

What is water powered generator

Water powered electric generator

Such kinds of generators are wonderful source of renewable energy. They are not only safe for our environment; they also allow us to economize. The most important thing is that such system might be built at home. It usually contains two parts – stator and rotor. Let’s look at the steps of creating hydroelectric generator:

water powered generator in NigeriaTake several templates and cardboard.

• Cut and attach two templates containing the rotor and stator scheme to front and back of the cardboard.

• Make one centimeter hole in center of the stator disk.

• Make four coils, using cardboard with oval section.

• Begin to wind wires on this cardboard in order to form tight coil (make the rest of the coils the same way).

• Arrange the prepared coils on cardboard in accordance with template scheme (their windings must alternate between clockwise and counter clockwise).

 water powered generator Make certain that electron follows the way showed by arrows in template, starting with left counterclockwise coil.

• Link the coils' ends and apply insulation tape.

• Check electrical resistance (it must be about 10 Ohms).

• Take four magnets and attach them to stator template.

What is water powered generator Then mark the south pole on two of them and the north pole of the remaining two (polarity should be as follows – N-S-N-S).

• Take cork and 8 shortened plastic spoons (with handles of just one centimeter).

• Insert the spoons into the cork on the depth of 1 centimeter.

• Make hole in cork (6mm).

• Check the position of spoons and fix it with the glue.

• Take a plastic bottle to attach stator, small turbine, and rotor.

powered generator in NigeriaMake a hole in the center of the tank (6mm).

• Put stator and its coils above the hole.

• Attach turbine and rotor on the same shaft (remember that spoons must face the bottle’s neck, while magnets must be close enough to coils).

• Find stream of water to make the generator work.

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Who made first water powered generator in Nigeria?

Emeka Nelson.

There are many of gifted and creative people in Nigeria. That’s why there is nothing to surprise that one of them has managed to build his water-powered generator.

According to the recent news, it was 22-year-old man. The fuel used by the invention is just water. The name of the creator is Emeka Nelson. Fact is that it isn't his first invention in life. Some time earlier, he has made a machine, which is able to turn non-biodegradable wastes such as plastics, waterproof nylon, and other things into kerosene, diesel, petrol, and other heavy oils and interlocking stones.

 first water powered generator in Nigeria?

It is really great and many people say that such inventors must be supported both financially and emotionally. It's better to invest money into something new than to build another house, which you actually do not need.

Creative people of Nigeria keep surprising us. The government should support them in developing new sources of energy. It might be useful not only for plain people but for the whole nation. Take a chance and try to create your own hydroelectric generator or anything else. Everything is possible for smart people of Nigeria. So, show your talents and abilities to the world bringing benefits for the society.


The lack of water to drink is a huge promlem for all the people nowadays. Especially for those, who live in countries, where it is hard to get drinking water, because of particular kinds of climate. Now, when we have the highest technologies it is hard to realize, that some people suffer from lack of a such simple thing as water, bu it is so. This problem makes people to invent and discover some special ways of getting and cleaning water. I hope that in the nearest future such problem would be solved.

Answered 1 year ago.

We very expensive electricity. Nearly half of household income spent on utilities. Water Generator is a great idea. Everything written in detail how to construct a unit. I have a house in the countryside. This invention will be very relevant to me in the summer. But winter is cold and we hardly enough for us its power for heating the house. But summer is also quite a lot of use of electricity. And so it will be significant savings for our seven "her. With the money saved can buy a lot of useful in-house or children.

Answered 2 years ago.

I was surprised by water generator, the invention is very good, well done Nigerians, because to do this, that the generator fed by the water, this is a great Art. Which really save money, such as the inventors are very few Emeka, Nigeria should be proud of it, it's just the beginning, more such people in the world but if the whole world would be to Use of such devices, the economy will fall much, people are used to pay for everything, and for them such inventions are not acceptable. But personally, I admire people like geniuses, because they give people the opportunity to live better.

Answered 2 years ago.
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