What was the colour of a pine tree.

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The tree grows best in conditions of growth of the height of 30-40 m or more and diameters of up to 100 cm of the trunk of the Scots pine growing in relatively dense stands, slender, straight, smooth, highly purified from the twigs; in sparse stands or in the open tree less high, the trunk beisty and more knotty. Crown in young trees conical, later rounded, wider, and even in old age, umbrella-shaped or flat. It depends on the nature and speed of growth of the Central axial and lateral shoots. The bark of different parts of wood of different thickness and different colors: at the bottom of the barrel it is usually thicker and rougher, grooved, red-brown, almost gray; in the middle and upper parts of the trunk and large branches of the crown is yellowish-red, flaking off in thin layers, almost smooth, thin; on young trees and thin branches grey-green. The thickness of the crust reaches 10-12% of the diameter of the trunk. Young shoots glabrous, with brown scaly leaves, greenish-gray.

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