Who created electricity?

Who created electricity? To whom should we be thankful for this majestic future?

our world without electricity

Can you imagine our world without electricity? Who is the electricity man, who gave us this majestic way for heating our houses, powering tools and developing new ways for the discoveries of humanity? Electricity is defined as a set of physical phenomena that creates an electric charge. Electricity provides us a wide range of effects, like electric current, electric induction, lightening, and electromagnetic induction. Electricity charges may produce electromagnetic fields. Still, we know electricity us the main provider of energy in our houses. The phenomena of electricity have been studied fro the antique period of our history. Even today, we don’t know all potential that can provide us electricity.

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How to create electricity in history

How to create electricity in history

Even if there was no word for defining the phenomena of electricity, people managed to bump into it. Egyptian manuscripts can provide us the information about “thunders of Nile.” These so-called electric fish were praised as protectors of other fish in Neil. There were also reports of their existence made by naturalist and physics of Greece, Roman Empire, and the Arab world. Many well-known writers of ancient times. Like Scronibonius Large and Pliny, the Elder described electricity effects of so-called catfish; they also provided information that electricity shock can pass along conducting objects.

Catfish were provided for medicine purpose in the ancient world. Patients with headaches and gout were prescribed to touch this magical fish to illuminate any pain connected with a headache. The closed discovery patterns toward the nature of electricity in that time can be addressed to Arabs. They were the first nation who created a first word that was implemented to the phenomena – “raad.” It was addressed to the rays of electricity. Nevertheless, they also used this phenomenon directly to medicine purposes, but they tried to exclude fantastic reasons of the electricity cure and give some medical reasons for touching of catfish.

touching of catfish

People of the Mediterranean knew that certain objects. Like ambers and rods that can provide electricity.  One of the great scientists of that time, Thales of Miletus made great observations on the nature of statistic electricity in 600 BCE. He also provided the information about magnetic nature of some objects in the world and made some experiments to state his hypothesizes. Nevertheless, he also made some mistakes of nature for magnetic effect. Still, later science proved the connection between electricity and magnetism. Ancient people might also have some theories of electroplating based on the Baghdad Battery discovered in 1938.

Electricity might have stayed just a rumor or magic trick, if not for the English gentleman William Gilbert, who made a breakthrough study for the electricity patterns in fields of electricity and magnetism. He discovered the nature of the static electricity that can be produced by rubbing amber. He also created a new word for the kind of amber that was robbed and could pose properties of attracting small metal objects. This rise gave a new word in the world, which is now called electricity. This first word made its first appearance in 1846 Thomas Browne`s Pseudodoxia Epidemica.

now called electricity

Further work connected with electricity was made by fantastic scientists, like Otto von Guericke, C.F. du Fray, Stephen Gray and Robert Boyle. One of the greatest scientists of the USA, Benjamin Franklin, provided a breakthrough research for electricity. He even sold all his possession to show the prove of his work about electricity. In June 1752, he conducted his famous experiment with the kite. With just using the kite, a  key, and stormy weather, he proved that electricity has a fighting nature. He also managed to explain Leyden Jar paradox that consists negative and positive charges.

Luigi Galvani made Another great breakthrough in the electricity in 1791. He demonstrated his bioelectromagnetic studies, by which he explained how electricity helps muscles to move. Alessandro Volta provided to the world his first battery made of copper and zinc. This new battery provided a more reliable source of energy than electrostatic machines used in previous periods of time. The unity of electricity and magnetic phenomena became possible with works of Andre-Marie Ampere and Hans Christian Orsted in 1820. The first electric motor was presented to the public by Michael Faraday in 1821. The electrical circuit was analyzed in 1827 by Georg Ohm. The link between electricity and magnetism was found in work “On Physical Lines of Force” by James Clerk Maxwell.

between electricity and magnetism

The beginning of the 19th century was provided by rapid changes in the science of the nature of electricity, where the end of the century provided ideas for electrical engineering.  It’s impossible to mention all greatest names for whom we can say thank you for our modern electricity future. These names include George Westinghouse, Nikola Tesla, Joseph Swan, Werner von Siemens, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Oliver Heaviside, Charles Algernon Parsons. Thanks to these men who created electricity, we can now enjoy our future.

1887 was another year to turn to the electricity with Heinrich Hertz electrodes that provided illumination and electric sparks. Albert Einstein explained the photoelectric effect. This discovery led to the quantum revolution. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for that discovery in 1921. The discovery of photoelectric effect also provided knowledge of photocells. You can see these photocells in modern solar panels; It’s one of the new green ways to make electricity on the commercial basis. It gave new ways for production electricity plants.

production electricity plants

One of the first solid-state devices occurred in the 1900s and was called cat's whisker detector. It was a solid component that used in radios. This solid state device became a prototype of many transistors in 1947. For today you may see their use in microchips, microprocessor and USB cards. It provided new discoveries of light-emitting diodes, transistors, and an integrated circuit.



As it was mentioned before, electricity made a giant step from being just a thing of dreams and magic to the scientific research. Now we have the whole world made of electricity patterns. It would be possible without great scientist of the past and modern genius who may help us to find a place among the stars. The simple dream became possible with variations of the world around us. Electricity provided us the Internet, cars, trains, planes and many other things. It would have been a completely boring world without electricity.  

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