Who is the young science genius from Kaduna? – The boy builds amazing space shuttle models!

Have you heard what a young boy from Nigeria did? He has become a master in creating space ships!! See the photos.

Nigerian people keep surprising the world. Another young talent has become a science genius. What did he do? Who is he? Get to know more interesting facts from this article right now.

young science genius from Kaduna

This is a story of Abdullahi Lawal. This Nigerian boy is from state of Kaduna (city of Zaria). He is very young, but he has already been called the genius of engineering. For quite long time this boy has been building models of aircrafts, such as, for instance, helicopters.

nigerian genious boy

We should say they are real looking and very beautiful. Besides, he is also able to make various space shuttle models. His hobby is probably connected with his dream to study Aeronautical Engineering. The examples of the outstanding models by Abdullahi Lawal are available on the Internet.

boy builds amazing space shuttle models!

Many people say that the authorities must do everything they can to support such gifted people as Abdullahi Lawal. Thus, they will be able to fulfil their dreams and do a lot for their country. Besides, they are sure that much more talented boys and girls are living in every corner of their giant country.

aircraft model nigeria

And they are only waiting for a chance to show their abilities. You may find plenty of comments on the Internet. All of them express praise. People feel very excited and proud about their brothers, who are so creative. What is more, Nigeria is full of rare natural resources, which may also help to build new interesting things.

amazing space shuttle models!

Abdullahi Lawal is just one of them. Another talented guy has been found in the state of Enugu. He managed to construct an aircraft using just locally sources materials! It does not have a real jet, but it looks really true to life, and can even take several passengers on the board.

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builds space shuttle models

Well, let’s wait and see how the situation will develop. We can only hope that the government will support those guys and let them reach their dream. In this case, the country will continue to flourish.


Good I like it my brother keep it on one day our beloved country will be proud of you may Allah help our great nation Nigeria Ameen

Answered 1 year ago.

This boy is really a genius!!! Just love what he does! Look at what others kids at his age out of junk, the photo below. This Kaduna boy is something. I think Nigerians have huge potential in science. We are smart and if we put our hands to something we can make wonders out of nothing! God bless you, young genius, keep on at it!

Answered 1 year ago.
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