Why Nigerian professor Deji Akinwande will receive the Presidential Award from USA?

Will Nigerian Deji Akinwande trully receive the award from the President of United States? Find out now.

PECASE or Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers is given once a year. This year President of USA Barak Obama will reward 104 scientists and Nigerian Deji Akinwande is one of them. Let’s find out more about this prominent personality and his work.

professor Deji Akinwande Nigerian

Deji Akinwande biography

Presently professor Akinwande works at University of Texas at Austin in the Corckrell School. His has gotten his degree from Stanford University. And he is a part of Nano Research Group. His major science contribution is found in the field of devices and censors made of nanomaterials. Basically he uses thinnest silicon material to create transistors and the first one of his inventions came out in 2015. He was a part of the group, which invented bio electronic antenna.

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Besides the Presidential award he is to receive this year, Professor Akinwande has already been honored by other awards. He is a worthy son of Nigeria and should be well known and honored at home, as well as abroad. He only proves that good education and open doors in life allow Nigerians to reach the top of their potential and become anything they want to be. His story gives hope to us all.


For the first time I hear about this professor from Nigeria. But once the president decided to give him the prize he so deserved this. Today it is very difficult to be a scientist. I think it will be very useful inventions state. Now very few good scientists and they need state support in financing. I am proud that Nigeria has such good scientists. And I think that will help them in every way and maintain. So that people really need. Thanks to them, we will achieve and invent many inventions needed for the country and people.

Answered 2 years ago.

The award is a very big prospect for young scientists and engineers. Well there is now such people, because they create convenience for our life. There are a lot of very talented inventors who do not have the money that would have all become a reality, for these to be found in the support of the president.After all, the potential of these people need to develop, and to help them with their undertakings. Such people are very few. and their need to protect and assist. I was very interested to read this article, I will follow the news.

Answered 2 years ago.
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