Why woman astronomer Caroline Herschel got her very own Google doodle?

Love Google doodles? Learn why today's fun is dedicated to Caroline Herschel.

Google doodles are pretty special things. They are not provided for just anybody. One has to be a really outstanding personality to get one. So, what was so special about Caroline Herschel that in 2016 Google decided to dedicate one of its doodles to her?

 Caroline Herschelon Google doodle?

Caroline Herschel biography

Who is Caroline Herschel? Back in her time she has made real astronomy news. Back in 1828 she has become the first woman ever to receive golden award from Royal Astronomical Society. On March 16, 2016 this outstanding lady would have turned 266 years of age!

Here are some Caroline Herschel facts: she was born back in 1750. Her native land is Germany. The family was large and Caroline was the 4th daughter, but 8th child in it. Later on she moved to UK to live with her sibling. The woman was just little over 4 feet (120 cm) tall, as she got typhus and was very ill.

Caroline Herschel

Still, this woman astronomer managed to attain outstanding results in science. She has put together a catalogue of nebulae. These are the gas clouds out in the space, which later on can become stars. Even though her body was limited and bound to the earth, her soul traveled huge distances across the space.

Besides obtaining the award from the Society, few years later she has become its first and only female member (in 1835). Caroline Herschel received honorary awards and medals from monarchs and scientists. She managed to live to 97 years of age.

woman astronomer Caroline Herschel

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No wonder she deserves Google doodle for her birthday! The next woman who got the golden medal from the Royal Astronomical Society did it only in 1996! Google doodle is not the only thing she gets. Someday you may visit Herschel Museum of Astronomy in Bath, UK.

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