Will asteroid bring the Judgment Day to earth soon?

Can asteroid destroy the Earth? Is there one soon coming donw on us? Learn now.

Can the prophecies turn into reality? The recent news about asteroid has stricken the whole world. Some people claim, it signifies the Judgement Day, while the others are sure it is only a fiction. Let’s try to find out the truth.

Will asteroid bring the Judgment Day

What does asteroid mean?

The conspiracy theorists and too ardent biblical fans believe that such thing might be a sign of a last hour, predicted by Bible. Besides this, there are several other signs, which include the following:

  • Super moon. It usually grows bigger, because it gets closer to earth.
  • Solar eclipse. In this case, the moon is expected to cover the sun. Our planet will enter the darkness, as the light will be blocked.
     Judgment Day for Nigeria

What concerns the asteroid, its size is the same as the size of a whale. And it is considered another significant feature of the upcoming doomsday. Thus, whale, being one of the omens in the Bible, forebodes the world end and the second coming.

Will asteroid bring the Judgment Day

Scientific data on asteroid hitting the earth

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According to the reports from NASA, there has been a mistake made concerning the date, when the asteroid should hit earth. It was first announced from one of the space stations that it was going to pass the planet on the 8th of March. Moreover, some additional researches and calculations allowed studying the orbital path of this space body. It has appeared that the asteroid is going to fly much farther from the earth’s surface than they used to suppose in 2013.

ALERT! COULDJudgment Day to earth soon?

Nevertheless, the researchers from NASA also added that people might witness some extraordinary phenomena happening in the sky with the sun, the moon and the stars. Last week, the scientists even released the path of asteroid, which is now available to the public. Sean Marshall, one of the specialist in astronomy, also claims that if this space body passes as close as geostationary satellites are, it would be kind of rare occurrence, which happens only once in a decade.

Judgment Day 2016

Well, the researches advise not to panic, as the asteroid is not going to hit our planet at least in March. Let’s hope for the best and follow the news and reports from NASA. We cannot still know, whether the prophecy is a true or fictional thing. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry by now.

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