Will Lagos and Abuja see the upcoming solar eclipse on March 9?

The next massive solar eclipse is going to take place soon. Find out when and will you be able to see it?

Are you interested in natural phenomena? Then you will be glad to know striking news! Will Nigeria witness one of the rear things – total solar eclipse in 2016? Get to know more information about it from the article.

solar eclipse

The beginning of solar eclipse 

total solar eclipse 2016

According to the specialists from New Delhi, it'll happen on the 9th of March. However, it is announced to start rather as partial solar eclipse, which will be observed in India during the sunrise. The full version will begin only at about 5.50 a.m. (IST). The forecasts say that it may last for about three hours till 9 a.m. However, the partial version is claimed to last until 10 a.m.

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Where will it be possible to watch?

solar eclipse mecahnics

As for India, the obscuration of the Sun by the Moon during the greatest phase of the partial eclipse will be different in various parts of country:

  • Port Blair – 49%
  • Bhubaneswar – 24%,
  • Kolkata – 18%,
  • Agartala – 15%,
  • Patna – 12%,
  • Silchar – 12%,
  • Guwahati – 11%.

However, a total eclipse will be observable only from the northern hemisphere. According to the reports, it will go through Indonesia, Sumatra, Borneo, and the North Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, Nigerians will not be able to watch such outstanding phenomenon. Nevertheless, if you will be abroad that time, you still have a chance.

Safety tips for watching solar eclipse 

solar eclipse tips

Such a great phenomenon is absolutely worth seeing. But the specialists assure that the simplest precautions must be observed. Thus, they advise, the eclipsed Sun must not be watched with unprotected eyes. It is better to use appropriate filters, such as aluminized mylar, black polymer, welding glass (shade number 14) or a telescope. Otherwise, even a short eye contact may lead to permanent damage, including blindness.

Enjoy a wonderful natural phenomenon in northern hemisphere! We will hope that once Lagos and Abuja will also be able to watch such great thing as total solar eclipse!


The Eclipse will begin on world time in 23 hours 19 minutes 8 March 2016, when the penumbra of the moon touches the Earth's surface in the Indian ocean near the coast of Sumatra, and starts moving in an easterly direction. The move animation of the Eclipse will show you this movement in detail. Gradually covering the countries of South-East Asia, the lunar shade will create the look of a private solar eclipses with different phases for the inhabitants of these countries. The penumbra of the moon will have already covered a part of the Australian and Chinese provinces, when, at last, in 16 hours 00 minutes (March 9), according to universal time on the surface of the Earth will enter the moon's shadow in the Indian ocean to the West coast Smarty.

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