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Kwame Nkrumah, Was His Ambition To Unite Africa A Selfish One?

Even decades past his death, the name, Kwame Nkrumah is still making waves in the political arena in Africa. Mention his name in a political conversation and you are bound to hear accolades heaped on him. So popular is the name that according to his uncle, some unscrupulous folks in Ghana are trying to profit from the name. But while he was alive, he was portrayed as a dictator, a money-grubber whose ambition of uniting Africa was motivated by selfish desires.

Yeah, despite all these accolades and aspersions, one has to wonder though, "Would Africa have been in a better position if Nkrumah had suceeded in uniting all the countries"? At first, I admired his basic ideology of uniting Africa to free the continent from the shackles of colonialism. But after much investigation, my respect for him has dwindled. The man was a tyrant in the first place, declaring himself the life president of Ghana, prior to his overthrow. He was alleged to have killed rivals of his, and remember that his dear friend was none other person than Sekou Toure (remember his infamous role in jailing Camara Laye's wife which led to their divorce seven years later.). He acquired all sorts of title, like the Osagyefo and several books have surfaced that there was a movement that sort of proclaimed him to be the sav,  of Ghana. Actually, there is a term that was used, but wont spell it because it is blasphemous to say the least. During his life in exile, he was so consumed in returning back to his country as a leader, that he was seperated from his wife and children during that time. When he was toppled in 1966, while on a foreign mission, his wife and kids were evacuated to Egypt and he flew back to conakry. His wife and children would not see him again till his death in 1972. Their conversation was limited to letters and perhaps phone calls. So, after reading about the storied leader of Ghana and his quest, his ambitions, I think they were motivated by selfish ones. As our people say, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. His friendship with Sekou Toure was remarkably a peaceful one. His hospitable host, Toure even appointed him as the co-president of Guinea, but I think it was just a ceremonial title.

What do you all think? Today, Nkrumah's status as Africa's leading statesman is unchallenged, even by Mandela, as I read in one African Publication. A true Pan-African by heart, he remains a force to be reckoned with in African politics. His wife, the Egyptian lady even has a name printed on one of the attires in Ghana.

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