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What's Up With Stella Damascus-Aboderin? (After Husband's Death)

What's Up With Stella Damascus-Aboderin?

I need you all to answer this question please!

What's up with Stella Damascus-Aboderin? Ever since her husband died, she's been featured in the media doing this and that. I would have thought she would keep a low profile for a while, at least 1 year.  Or is that asking for too much?

Man, I love that girl oh, no shakin for that one.  To me, she's the prettiest thing on screen but guys, you need to have seen her at the opening of the Silverbird Galleria and again at the City People Awards for Axcellence.  She for do like Nike Oshinowo wey go hide her head after Lagos was agog with jist of her atrocities!

Please hit me back! Am I being old-fashioned here?

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