8 people burnt and one beaten due to asserted blasphemy

The Angry mob was accusing a student and decided to beat him. A man tried to help him and got justice of crowd, which took lives of eight people.

 accusing a student

According to police reports, about eight people became victims of violent attacks from the angry mob. The case happened in Talata-Mafara community, which is situated in Zamfare State. According to locals, the local Muslims were accusing a student of the Abdu Gusau Polytechnic in blasphemy. The accusation statements can be summarized in the statement, that this student`s words were enough to blaspheme Islamand Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, the man was consistently beaten by the angry mob. Nevertheless, it seems that helping a blasphemer is more outrageous than being a blasphemer. Moreover, as it droves from the consequences of the case, helping a blasphemer automatically grants killing of the helper, his/her family and setting up the family house on fire.

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beaten student

Tajudeen was a local man, who found the struggling and beaten student on the street. He used his car to transfer the student to the local hospital. According to an eye witness, when Tajudeen arrived home after transporting the student to the hospital, the angry mob was at his house. They were angry with him helping the other. Therefore they decided to burn down the Tajudeen`s house with all people inside it. This act of atrocity took away lives of eight people.

The police of Zamfara

The police of Zamfara state started the investigation upon the incident. One of the first action they provided is setting the whole town under an indefinite curfew. This action may provide the police to restore peace and order in the city for some time. The police curfew is to be acted from 7 p.m to 7 a.m., in total for twelve hours there should be no man on the streets. The police spokesman proclaimed that according to the law and high command orders, any violators of the curfew are to be arrested and prosecuted. There`s no loop hole in the curfew, and all should submit to its rules.

blaspheming of the Prophet

Alhaji Abdulaziz Yari, who is the Governor of the state, joined the process of burying victims of the crowd justice. He also expressed his worries about the incident and assured people that the investigation would continue until they find everyone involved in such atrocity. The Abdu Gusau Polytechnic authorities announced that the facility would be shut down until the involved would be found and the peace restored. Unfortunately, the mobbing is not the rare case in the city. A few months ago a trader was also killed due to accusations of blaspheming Prophet Mohammed. There were also reports that a citizen of Kaduna state was mobbed and brutally beaten due to eating his breakfast during Islamic Ramadan.

killing accidents due to blaspheming

As it stays from various cases, the killing accidents due to blaspheming of the Prophet became a dangerous sign on the north of the country. Therefore, the federal and local governments should take actions in restoring order in that provinces. It was not the first incident, and the killing from the local radical Muslims justice is only becoming a troubling trend. If these acts continue to emerge, then the tensions between communities will only become stronger and may turn into horrible consequences.

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