A man is arrested for attacking and causing severe burns to a gay couple

A man caused severe burns to a gay couple. Was it an act of homophobia? Or it was sadism?

Martin Blackwell

A mother`s boyfriend poured hot water onto her son and his boyfriend. According to police reports, Martin Blackwell, who is forty-eight years’ old, attacked a son of his girlfriend in her house. The man attacked a gay couple and caused severe injuries to them. The victims are Anthony Gooden and Marquez Tolbert. Martin Blackwell committed this crime due to his idea that gay couple relationships were wrong.  The judge decided that his actions were wrong and sentenced Martin Blackwell to forty years of jail.

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Both gays suffered severe injuries from the boiled poured water. Tolbert got burns on his arms, face, neck. It`s also worth mentioning that his back now requires skin transplantation. Nevertheless, compare to his boyfriend, Tolbert got lucky. Gooden suffered the most as his pain was so intense, so doctors put him in a coma until they fix him.

 gays suffered

Blackwell filled no regret of committing this crime. According to police reports, he was certain that he made a right decision of pouring hot water on these people. Moreover, he did not understand their suffering, as for him that was just “a little hot water.”

The position of the Blackwell`s layer can be described in few sentences. The gay couple provoked him to commit the crime. They showed respect neither to him nor Goodman`s mother. Moreover, they did not keep their sex life in secret as Blackwell asked them.

gay couple

Prosecutor had another opinion about this. According to Tolbert, Blackwell keeps swearing and threatening. He promised that he would do everything to get these gays out of the house.

The Judge found Martin Blackwell guilty and sentenced him to forty years in prison. Nevertheless, homophobia is one of Martin`s problems, but the crueler is his willingness to kill and harm people in sadist manner. His actions against gay couple also become resemblance his not only homophobic but also sadist nature.

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