A man who pretended a prostitute and robbed people was arrested by Nigerian police

What did a man find out new when hired a prostitute? How a robbery turned into visiting police office for saving the life? Read to find more!


Sometimes things are not what they used to be. In this particular situation when a man desired to have a nice evening with a prostitute for money, it turned that he found an extra tool on this woman body. Did not desire to get things hotter and apparently did not wish to take part in gay sex intercourse, our protagonist decided to turn the case into another way.


The result of this scenario was exciting. Nigerian police took into custody the man who pretended to be a woman and dressed like a prostitute for a reason of robbing people. According to citizen digital reports, “Grace”, as the woman prostitute turned to be a man call himself, was taken into custody after seducing one of his clients in Mamias are of Kenya. As it`s reported, the client, who desired to have fun with “Grace” and had already booked a room in a hotel, found out an extra toy under “Grace” underwear. Apparently, “Grace” tried to do this not in first time, as witnesses report that he was a frequent guest of a local bar. According to estimates of locals, “Grace” did a fantastic job in a performance of a fake prostitute job. His style of dressing, a nice wig and hips swaying helped him to rob people of their properties. In the other hand, locals did not seem to appreciate his efforts in pretending a woman. They tried to lynch him but he preferred to surrender to a local police first.

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He/she was later arrested but the police set him free as complaints of local didn`t manage to become a full statement for presenting in a court.


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