Are there Christians among Boko Haram militants?

Why do Christians join the cruelest terrorist organization Boko Haram? Why Boko Haram invites Christians to fight with Christians? Read more to find out!

Boko Haram

There is certainly something fishy in Boko Haram. It might be possible that the insurgents of the Islamic terrorist organization are Christians. Radio France provided a report, where researches from Nigeria showed the data which reveals the information that many people from Christian communities joined Boko Haram. It means that the most terrorizing Islamic group of Africa which also claims to illuminate Christians has Christians among their ranks. According to researches, there are more than five thousand Christians joined Boko Haram. They are willing to kill their fellow Christians for four hundred dollars a month.

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 insurgents of the Islamic terrorist organization


According to researches, the central power that helps the Boko Haram to seek the people is money. Unfortunately, an unstable situation on Africa continent can`t provide kids decent job vacancies. Therefore, they desire to become this kind of rebels. Moreover, they do not engage in fighting at first months, so many youngsters just wish to get quick money for a training session and leave the organization.


Islam is a strong religion that provides salvation for dedication to its cause. Boko Haram defines this purpose in creating an Islamic State and illuminating non-Muslims. Therefore, young people with strong hearts for Islam and the sense of false romantic (they kill for faith, it`s honorable). The desire to join the ranks.

 Boko Haram


Some Christians become members of Boko Haram due to compromise. These people do not desire to suffer and prefer to kill than be killed. Therefore, if they do not obtain special knowledge of destroying Boko Haram, they would rather join it.

Christians become members of Boko Haram


It shouldn`t be excluded personal issues of every person in Boko Haram. Some people may join this strong terrorist group regarding revenge. They think, that if they suffer, then people who are responsible for the suffering should suffer too.

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