Boko Haram: Over 100 starved children die daily in Borno

What are the consequences of Boko Haram attacks on Borno state? Read this article and find out the shocking numbers of people daily dying in IDP camps!

children starving in borno state

Boko Haram terrorism had crucial effects over the Borno state – massive starvation has taken over the territory.
The United Nation’s Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has informed that about 250 thousand displaced children are suffering from starvation in Borno State.
The majority of people who are situated in the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp and many other territories which used to be controlled by Boko Haram forces currently suffer from lack of water, food and appropriate sanitation.

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borno children in idp camp

It is not a secret that tens of those starved thousands may possibly die from malnutrition if they won’t be provided with any help or care. An international charity group Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without borders) earlier claimed that the condition of the IDP camp in Bama is a crucial humanitarian emergency. Let’s not forget that 24 000 people are currently living in this camp.
More than 200 people have already died out of dehydration and starvation. If the federal government of Nigeria, simple individuals and international organisations do not intervene, more little children will die.

boko haram forces

Nigerian Army Forces have earlier reported that Boko Haram forces are defeated. The aftermath of the attacks of this sect organization cannot be forgotten; they’ve murdered more than 20 000 people and left 2 million people without their homes.
Let’s put our hopes and expectations that the Nigerian government will take some decisive actions to replace current problems and heal the nation’s wounds.

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