Can protection of human rights reduce amount of raped prostitutes?

How did Nigerian policemen rape prostitutes from ODWI? Why don't human rights work in relation to these raped girls? Read the information below to learn the latest news.

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Some prostitutes unanimously claim about humiliating behavior of members of Nigerian police against prostitutes in Nigeria – girls, who lawfully were engaged in trade of pleasure. The group under the name of Ohotu Diamond Women Initiative (ODWI) which is the organization of sexual workers has appealed to Nigerian police to stop participants in abuse of authority. In the statement, made available to correspondents, the organization complains of the misunderstanding, which have arisen in her work.

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An illegal status of sexual work in the majority of countries, including Nigeria hasn't destroyed prostitution. Instead of it, criminalization has increased sexual vulnerability of workers and violated their human rights. It has created a fertile soil for police operation of brothels and street sexual workers. Sexual workers deserve respect and protection against violence, which are provided to any citizen of the country. But in many cases police abuse of sexual workers receives poor public attention despite the global reality. The street and female persons working in brothel are the most vulnerable groups of the population. They test the high level of violence and raped prostitutes, which remains unpunished. The law-enforcement policy in relation to sexual workers doesn't lead to the appropriate or long-term measures of punishment.

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'Many of us faced violence and discrimination on a regular basis. Independently from what states or what tribe we are, many of us have experienced rape and unprotected sex. We were emotionally and physically humiliated with police, clients and associates’ – raped victims said.There is discrimination from heads of this services sector. Sexual workers aren't protected by law when they are operated and offended. Prostitutes demand that these violations have immediately stopped, and resolute action would be taken against criminals.

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According to prostitutes story, 30 percent were under the threat of violence police officers while 27% have actually experienced violence. Incidents, about which it was reported, included officials. Some raped stories say that several times the police made attack on a brothel, made thefts of people working there and had sex without condom. According to some information, police officers also regularly extort money from prostitutes as some kind of street tax to prevent arrest. This charge is usually imposed on owners of brothel.

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