Ekiti Doctors accident: what is the total death toll?

What do you know about the latest doctor’s car crash? Read the article to learn about the accident.

Three medical doctors and their driver who have died in road accident in Ekiti state on the way to NMA have been buried. Burial took place after memorial service, which was visited by the governor of Ayo Fayose and its deputy, Doctor Kolapo Olusola and other high-ranking officials. Among buried were: Dr. Atolani Adeniyi, the official from board of directors of hospitals, and Dr J. B. Ogunseye, the president of ARD and EKSUTH. They have been buried in the house of doctors. Two other victims – Alexander Akinyele and Dr. of O.J. Taiwo – will undergo this procedure on Monday and Tuesday.

Ekiti Doctors accident

Funeral of Taiwo was detained because of death of his mother who died one day before the accident. The bishop has said prayers for families, in which the dead people used to live. The governor responsible for employment of the population promised to provide two widows of Ekiti doctors with job and money. Before death of their husbands they weren't provided by the government.

medical doctors

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The governor has tried to convince families of the dead as a result of Eikti doctors accendent to take courage and firmness and has promised them a regional support. He said: ‘You have your own time and tomorrow day. Think of those who are still near you’.

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