Governor of Cross River state suggests to legalise street hawking

The Governer of Cross River decides to allow street hawking. He also desires to give it a legislative basis. How will it be realized?

Ben Ayade

Ben Ayade is a governor of Cross River state, who recently proposed to make a street hawking a legal business. He claims that his bill for the State House of Assemble is passed, then all street hawking can be a legitimate business in Cross River. Therefore, if the bill is passed, it also makes Cross River a first state that legislates street walking. Nevertheless, the bill has not become a law yet. Moreover, it still needs some fixing. However, the governor believes that the Assembly will make a right decision and allow citizens to work legally on the streets and sell goods.

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street hawking

Legalizing a street hawking can be a positive feature for Cross River state. It also means additional taxes for cities. It also sets rules for becoming a business person in this sphere. One of the main rules is that every trader should call me no less than eighty years old. It also requires having a proper clothing for work. The positive side is that law will protect traders and also will have rights for making their trades. This type of business can provide the state with additional income from taxes. It also grants and examines the production of street hawking traders.

street hawking

Nevertheless, there are also downsides for this bill. It`s an absolute misunderstanding how the street hawking traders should work. Do they have to pass through the expertise of their production to get a license for selling goods on the streets? Who will regulate these dealers? Should it be created a special unit which would examine the production of traders? If the bill protects the rights of traders, it should also protect the rights of consumers. Therefore, the traders should provide customers with checks for cases where it would be needed to protect the rights of consumers. Moreover, should every trader wear the specific clothing? Who will regulate it?

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