Is penis envy theory true?

This mental setting that reflects the dissatisfaction of girls because of their own genitals, the sense of inferiority and full of irritation, aggressive and passionate desire to have a penis.

Penis envy

According to Freud, penis envy is the primary organizer of femininity, so it was assigned a fundamental role in the formation of women's sexuality.

Penis envy leaves a deep mark on the psyche of women, affects the formation of her character and determines her psychosexual development. Usually, penis envy leads to the formation of normal femininity, but it can also lead to the suppression of sexual impulses, or to the development of the complex of masculinity, ie. The desire to be like a boy. In the first case, the consequences of this development can be a neurosis. In the second case - perversions, deviations in sexual behavior. In short, penis envy, according to Freud is regarded as the main motif of a woman and a starting point, contributing to the understanding of the specifics of female psychology.

We are different, men and women. For someone, it is a source of problems or admiration, for another – envy or fear. Someone denies this distinction, and then we have courageous women and womanly men. But in any case, this subject leaves only a few indifferent. We carry out all life in searches of this golden balance, escaping harmony between men's and women's.

Penis envy

So as far as we are different? When have you understood who you are? We want to try though a little to understand this.

When do we turn into the boy or the girl? When a pregnant mother does an ultrasound and learns a sex of a future child. Perhaps, even then she already begins to think about us as about a boy or a girl and she tries to do the first important distinction - to buy blue or pink color. Or, probably, still earlier. Ultrasound of mother represents who there is in her stomach, the boy or the girl.

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The first that distinguishes us - it is imaginations of our mother of how we will become the good boy or the beautiful girl. Therefore there are no chances of the equal relation to us since the birth.

And how we have realized ourselves who we are, it can be said that we in some sense are already predetermined. Though not everything is so unambiguous. S. Freud claimed (and it is confirmed by many modern scientists) that the person is bisexual from nature. Well, the child is born, of course, with clear physical sexual signs, but here he begins to get a psychological sex somewhere since 3 years.

It turns out that chance to choose who we are to become, though from a point of sight of sexual preferences, we certainly have. However, there is a choice long before we reach the conscious age when we manage to weigh and estimate really our sex.

Penis envy

Since the early childhood, we have little distinctive features. But, it may sound a little bit crazy but, little children concern questions of distinction of the sex much more, than it is accepted to think. The first real distinction which can't be hidden and which soon becomes obvious is that the boy has a penis and that there is no such organ for the girl. A little girl, having found this, is strongly puzzled. What is going wrong with me? He has, but I do not!? We are talking about the girl of 3 or 5 years old and in such an age parents do not take care about this question.

Freud brings out of this universal human question the postulate of a female envy to a penis. It is doubtful, that adult women will tell, having glanced at themselves that they have found concrete envy to a penis there. Also they will be right. Though don't forget that since you was 3 years old girl this envy has undergone big changes and has acquired a set of the disguised forms in your rich intrapsychic lives.

There are a lot of women in the modern world with undefeated envy to a penis. In some sense, it is a trend of modern society. The woman is independent which selflessly competes with men, fights for the power, does career, leads in society as well as in her family … As a rule, only the weak man can appear in her life. Why? Therefore there is a reason for this –she has an unconscious purpose – to castrate the world of men, to prove that exactly she has a penis, her passion – envy to the man’s world. The reason for that is very simple – because of her childhood and the understanding of who she is.

Penis envy

Now we will return to our little girl. If she, after all, hasn't stopped on envy to a penis, she has gone in a difficult internal world slightly farther, then soon after an understanding of the fact of lack of a penis, she does the following opening. She learns that she has something more, something more mysterious. Though, therefore, it isn't visible. This gives to her advantage and the power over the world of men – she can give a birth to the child, there is no such a possibility for a boy. So, the body of a woman is more mysterious, than the man's body. The same is possible to tell also about her soul.

As you might have heard this well-known question "what do woman want?" this question can't be answered not only by men, but also by women. Why? The mystery of their feminity is hidden inside and its opening is a work for the woman (of course, with the help of the man).

In the modern world, we obviously see a tendency to deleting of distinction of the sexes. It is sure that in this process we lose much more, than we find. Self-sufficiency illusion when the woman becomes the psychological hermaphrodite and can satisfy all requirements – what to be proud here of?

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