Lagos building collapse: are there 500 new possible crumple sites?

Is there a chance the house you live in can collapse? Find out what the Lagos government report states.

In the past Lagos has dealt with a tragedy of Synagogue building collapse. That sad event has taken lives of over 100 people. Are there possible new crumple sites like that in the mega city?

lagos building collapse

Lagos State Government news on building collapse

After the Lekki Gardens ruination (it was a 5 storey building), local officials of Lagos have inspected various old houses or the ones under construction. They have detected over 500 locations with possibility of their collapse. Mostly those are the old, shabby or abandoned sites.

shabby houses in lagos

Still some of them had people living there. The officials report of evacuating them and marking the houses as dangerous for living.

This inspection is not ended and in the future they might find more of such collapse danger buildings. They put together a list of distressed houses for people to stay away from them and avoid living or purchasing such a real estate sites.

old houses in lagos

If such houses have owners, they are obliged to take them down during the upcoming three months. Presently the sites are sealed. The demolition is a rather costly undertaking and government cannot pay for all of these shabby things to be torn down.  

Lekki Gardens report and news

lekki gardens collapse

It seems like the Lagos government is not in a hurry to issue this report. However, they said they did not receive the police report yet. As soon as it happens the local government would also produce their opinion and report on the building collapse of Lekki Gardens.

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Many of the sites are constructed without the permit of the government. In order to make the process of getting it simpler, they would set up the e-planning permit site. In the future it has to cut down the amount of time needed for doing all the legal paperwork.  

Hopefully, no other building would collapse in Lagos with people in it and the death toll would not be increased.

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