Malaysian rapist marries his under-age victim to avoid prison

Do you know how to escape a prison after raping a child? Well, Malaysia court may certainly provide you information how a rapist marries a victim and avoids prison.

Rapist marries a victim

According to Malaysia laws, a punishment for rape carries up to thirty years in prison. If a victim of the abuse was a child, then a rapist can certainly have a place in the lowest branch in jail hierarchy.  Ahmad Syukri Yusuf is one of the Malaysian criminals that avoids prison. He knows that punishment for raping a fourteen years old girl will be severe not only from the law but also from his future co-prisoners. That`s why Malaysian rapist marries his victim. The case where rapist avoids prison sentence confused social activists and ordinary citizens of Malaysia. The discharging of the rape case provoked a wave of complaints on the August 4th.

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Rape and marriage

Ahmad Syukri Yusuf is a twenty-eight-year-old “gentleman” was faced to the court of Sarawak on Borneo islands for at least two facts of stationary rape where the victim was a fourteen-years-old girl. Despite the obvious proves of guilty for the rapist, Afidah Abdul Rahman, the Judge of the Court discharged all accusations against the rapist. According to explanations, it was a desire of the victim to withdraw all complaints that connected to the accusation of Ahmad Syukri Yusuf in raping. Nevertheless, the case will not go further, and punishment will not be considered.

Raping case

The rapist marries his victim became a shocking news for women`s group. They have been struggling a lot to lobby the ban on child marriage in Malaysia.  Malaysia state law states that the legal age for marrying is 18, but according to Islamic laws it`s 16 for girls. Nevertheless, if the girl who wishes to marry is under an age of sixteen, she may ask Islamic court to give her permission to marry. According to a spokesperson for Women`s Aid Organization, this space in the law allows the rapist to take advantage of children as it`s a straight line to escape the punishment for raping. WAO lobbies to change the marriage law so that no one could use this escape route.

Raping in Malaysia

Unfortunately, child`s marriage and hiding of sex offending cases are common in closed Islamic societies. According to the family moral, it`s better to bring the girl to the altar of her rapist than expect her marriage if she was raped. In closed societies, virginity is something to be protected, by all means, even it was taken forcefully, the blame is the girl. Therefore, family forces the girl to ask the court for marriage and also force the rapist to take the girl as a wife. It might be seeming beneficial as the rapist escapes prison, the family name stays clean, and the girl becomes a wife.

Rape and Marry

The WAO tries to fight against this law that allows the rapist to marry victims. This particular case just showed how vulnerable women in close societies could be. Moreover, it may create further cases connected to sexual crimes in Malaysia as victims can not be protected.  Furthermore, it also raises another problem that occurs in Malaysia, that even family can force to marry a victim due to not losing the face and social status of the household. This case may be a starting point of collapsing a fair probability to get rid of punishment.

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