Muslim vs Islamist: What's the difference?

What is the difference between Islam and Islamism? Are they connected? read the article to find out!

Terrorism does not have religion

Terrorism does not have religion, race or sex. In the eyes of society, all terrorists are the same. Nevertheless, in recent years Islamism has become a synonym for terrorism. Islam is one of the world`s religion, but due to terrorist attacks and terrorist who hide their motives in Islam, this religion and representatives of this religion have become the most undesirable neighbors to other representatives of other religion. Nevertheless, Islam and Islamic terrorism, do they have something in common? Why some people who are representatives of Islam religion decided that they have right to kill others. Even their brothers in religion? What is the difference between Muslim and Islamist?

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If you read any article regarding Islam, then it will not take long for you to take references with “Islamists,” “Islamic terrorism,” “Radical Islam.” It`s especially visible on the political side of the blogosphere. Most of the time these words are used by observers, journalists or writers to describe men or women who carry out terrorist actions against society. This thinking usually represents a politically correct narrative. According to this thinking, Islamic can be named everything which exposers the combination of unemployment, poverty, US foreign policy and “Islamophobia.” Even if we name “Islamism” everything connected with Islamic terrorism, there is still a lack of understanding why people commit such horrors even towards their brothers Muslims.

brothers Muslims

There are various explanations of Islamism or Islamists from various commentators. G. Murphy Donovan in his recent article American Thinker added the world Imperial to Islamism: “The Egyptian Revolt and Imperial Islamism.” Shikha Dahlia from Reason.com also exposures Islamist Terrorist Threat with “Islamist enemy” and “What Islamist Terrorist Threat?”. At the markhumphys.com you can also meet the explanation of Islamism and Islamic terror: “Islamist terror is in fact driven by a vile, totalitarian, hallucinatory ideology – Islamism.”

Therefore, these discussions only evoke question upon what is Islam and Islamism. Is there any difference between these two terms? In conservative news media, you can meet Islamism as a regime or movement characterized by a totalitarian ideology. Islamism as an ideology is openly or secretly formed in countries, like Afghanistan, Sudan, and Iran. Islamism can be described as an Imperial ideology which states for the sake of Muslims and only Muslims according to rules of Quran. Therefore, all others countries or nation should be either converted to Islam or illuminated. It`s a Holy Duty for Islamists to spread the word of Islam even by sword and blood. Islamism is implicated as a politically inherited term, where “traditional Islam” is not a politic term.

ideology – Islamism

Nevertheless, countries, like Saudi Arabia is a long royal servant to Islam who proclaims Quran as the country`s constitution. However, it does not appear to the world as “Islamist state.” Still, is there a real difference between the political and religious point of view upon Sudan and Saudi Arabia? They can be both names the Sharia States with totalitarian regimes. Non-elected and totalitarian governments rule both. They both practice a ruthless religion that allows political pursue sweeping, torturing, killing or imprisonment. The both have a long line of atrocities records towards human rights and humanity. Nevertheless, you can name Islamist one and not another. Still, Saudi Arabia is a nominal US ally, but it was a home for most violent terrorist organizations who committed terrorist attacks on 9/11. Was it the very act why they should be named Islamist State?

It should also be mentioned that Muslims were not a span of a single century. In the middle-ages they had imperialistic desires and conquered, seized, took into control territories from Spain to India. They worked according to their prophet wishes to spread the word of Islam to other countries. Therefore, the followers of Mohammad followed not only by a desire to spread the word but also create an Empire. When Caliphs conquered half of the world and ruled it with the heavy hand, how can we name this act? Islamism? Traditional Islam? They ruled people upon hundreds of years and forced many of them to join Islam religion. Nevertheless, Empires emerge, and Empires disappears. Due to a political turmoil within Muslim Empire, it was divided into several states. There was no conqueror who divided them. They managed to make it themselves.

Empires emerge, and Empires disappears

Nevertheless, this great country which ones existed is a dream for many Islamism followers. They desire to recreate Caliphate and use all methods to do that, like propaganda, killing and converting. Therefore, we have ideas that Islamism was in the old times and now reflects in the modern times with terrorist attacks. Therefore, is it can be called Islamism or Islamism just have an evil twin. Nevertheless, where is the good Islamism then with non-totalitarian and non-imperialistic ideas. The Islamism which provides the ideas of coexisting with other nations and religions together with implementing free-will? Is this Islamism can be supported by Islamic scripture?

The Quran itself can be a very hard testimony to the Islamism. It explains many ideas of treatment and rules for the Muslim and Non-Muslim population. Therefore, Quran indicates that Muslims are destined to rule over other nations, religions and countries. According to Quran, Muslims are fated to recreate this world according to ideas of Allah. Therefore, the Quran can be noted not only as a mere religious text but a clear political statement. Consequently, there is no separation between state and religion. According to rules of Allah, they should not be separated. It should be mentioned that traditional Islam can be traced back to Mohammed and his political desires towards the world.

The Islamism

Therefore, there is still no clear distinction between Muslim and Islamist. In the case of recent struggles of Europe and Islam world, Europe is highly scared over the Islam. Moreover, more Islamist organizations emerge from nowhere and pledge their loyalty to Allah. Unfortunately, Radical Islam, Islamist groups and terrorists claim that Islam is their religion provide additional problems towards the relationship between Muslim and Christians. Therefore, people in Christian world also try to react radically to the Muslims, no matter if they have something in common with Islamists or not. The current situation in the East does not make any progress towards lightening relationships between Islam and members of non-Islam religions.

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