Police Inspector rapes a 15-year-old girl

When did the police officer commit a crime with a 15-year-old girl? Who has helped the schoolgirl to be released? Read the article to learn the latest terrifying news about the police.

Policeman rapes girl

Policeman rapes girl

Police violence has occurred recently. Nigerian Inspector of police working in Mkpat Enin Police Division in Akwa Ibom State has raped the 15-year-old girl threatening her with the weapon. The girl from regional high school, who has told about what she had to endure, became a victim of the police officer. According to her, she came back from church last week on Thursday when the police team has addressed her, among which there was an inspector, who has directed his weapon to the girl. He promised to shoot at the schoolgirl if she would make any attempt to prevent him to touch her body.

'The inspector has taken me away from other members of team to the area of the road where there was no light and caressed my breast. After he has forced me to take off the clothes, he has ordered me to lie down and move legs apart. Then he has made an intercourse. He has seen that I am going to cry, but forbidden me to do it. When I couldn't endure pain any more, he has quickly taken me, has dragged in the vehicle and brought to station where he has detained me from Thursday to Saturday. My uncle, doctor Ime Stephen has arrived from Abuja and has freed me, having paid N10,000 in addition'.

Akwa Ibom State

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The victim has told that she did not know her mother because she left her father when the girl still was a kid. Her father in turn became paralyzed after he has fallen from a palm tree. Everything ended with the fact that they began to live together in the house of her uncle. Her uncle Stephen has told that he could not believe when a girl has specified the police officer, who has raped her, among those who were on duty that day.

He said: 'The inspector has caused trust in 15-year-old girl before to rape her. Our public service lacks for police officers who intend to protect lives and property of Nigerians. He is also a swindler, having taken the girl in detention in police office within three days and having collected N10.000 as the pledge amount from the female trustee. Now we want to achieve his dismissal and the solution of this problem in court. The criminal should be punished'.

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