These Courses Are Difficult To Have First-class In

No matter how much one tries. I think having first-class in the following course may turn to be a mirage. Here are they1)Fine Arts2)Architecture3)English language4)Chemistry5)Languages eg french, portuguese etc6)Chemical Engineering7)HistorycoolPsychology

REASONS- Regardless of how beautiful your drawing is, or how great your construction work may appear. Your lecturer would never give you full mark. And that may keep you wondering. Write all the Essays or any other article in English language as perfect as you think. 'Blow' all the grammar in the dictionary. I assure you you won't be given full mark. Same goes with History. And this would keep on affecting the CGPA. Don't tell me you know everything in psychology- so tell me, why is you shirt yellow? You need to explain to me in details, i mean details!As for chemistry and chemical Engineering i don't know why first class is getting low nowadays. The students studying those courses often complain that the course is too tough and lucrative

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