What are the richest countries in the world?

The high standard of living, full social security, the low level of unemployment. This is not a myth. Some modern and industrialized countries in the world have chosen this direction and live by this principle. And the citizens of these countries live very well, and they are self-sufficient. I present to you the richest countries in the whole world. Read the article and become aware of the latest news in the in the global economy.

Some modern and industrialized countries in the world have chosen this direction and live by this principle

The world economy is in our time, to put it mildly, not up to par. Although world prosperity is in decline, on the ground remain countries in which people live luxuriously. At least, if you believe the experts of the International Monetary Fund and Global Finance Magazine, these countries are in our time. They named the world's richest countries. All data were obtained exclusively in 2016. And this rating is formed from the size Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of per capita, which takes into account the relative cost of living and the level of inflation in the countries. The smallest countries do not take into account.


The richest country in the world has become Qatar. There is GDP per capita of the country is $ 146,167 in Qatar. In the second-ranked Luxembourg, the figure is substantially less - $ 94,167. In the list of 25 richest countries in the world are 12 European countries and the United States, Canada and Australia. The United Kingdom, for example, was not included in the top 25, finishing 27th place with a GDP per capita of $ 39,224 (£ 27,241). It is pleasant to note that the fourteenth position in the ranking is Ireland.


Top 25 the richest countries in the world or List of the richest countries in the world

In the second-ranked Luxembourg, the figure is substantially less - $ 94,167

  1. Qatar (a GDP per capita of $ 146,011)
  2. Luxembourg (a GDP per capita of $ 94,167)
  3. Singapore (a GDP per capita of $ 84,821)
  4. Brunei (the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace ) (a GDP per capita of $ 80,335)
  5. Kuwait (a GDP per capita of $ 71,600)
  6. Norway (a GDP per capita of $ 67,619)
  7. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) (a GDP per capita of $ 67,201)
  8. Hong Kong (a GDP per capita of $ 57,676)
  9. The United States of America (USA) (a GDP per capita of $ 57,045)
  10. Switzerland (a GDP per capita of $ 56,815)
  11. Saudi Arabia
  12. Bahrain (the Kingdom of Bahrain)
  13. Netherlands (the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  14. Ireland
  15. Australia
  16. Austria
  17. Sweden
  18. Germany
  19. Taiwan
  20. Canada
  21. Denmark
  22. Oman
  23. Iceland
  24. Belgium
  25. France

I propose to consider in more detail countries that entered the top ten rankings.

1.    Qatar - $ 146,000


The richest country in the world, Qatar gained independence from Britain only 3 September 1971, and after 40 years, has become a rich country and has achieved great success. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. The richest country in the world, it is in the truest sense a beautiful and luxurious the country. Qatar has a population of almost 2.2 million people and a per inhabitant GDP of $ 146,000. According to reliable information sources, Qatar is ranked ninth in the world in oil reserves, and the country's economy depends on the black gold exports.


The authorities of Qatar have tried to diversify the economy, but the country is still dependent on oil. As natural gas reserves, Qatar is in third place in the world, the first is Russia, and the second is Iran. There are high life expectancy, high-speed Internet access and a high level of literacy in Qatar. Qatar is the second year in a row becomes a leader of the rating of the richest countries in the world, despite the drop in oil prices.

2.    Luxembourg - $ 94,167


In Singapore, for each inhabitant of the country accounts $ 94,167 of GDP. European leader in the ratio of GDP per capita and purchasing power has the highest coefficient. A country with half a million people depends on trade with Belgium, France, and Germany, which borders Luxembourg. The country's exports exceed 122 billion dollars, while imports of nearly $ 100 billion. Life expectancy in the country above 81, that more than the regional average. Luxembourg has significantly improved its position for the year up to the second line of the tenth.

3. Singapore - $ 84,821


Singapore is the richest country in Asia. The country with a population of about 5.5 million people, which does not have natural resources, but the city-state is a major financial and trade center. There the highest number of millionaires per capita in Singapore. Singapore sea port is the second busiest port by cargo volume in the world. It is a highly developed country with a good market economy in which low taxation. The unemployment rate is only 2%, and life expectancy has increased up to 82 years. Singapore climbed one place in the ranking compared to last year. Singapore is a country that is growing at the fastest pace in the world in 2016.

4. Brunei - $ 80,335


The country's population barely exceeds 400 thousand, while the GDP per citizen is $ 80,335. Brunei is a country rich in oil, which is engaged in the export of gasoline to Japan and South Korea. Because of the export of almost 2.3 times higher than imports, the country has one of the largest trade surpluses in the world. Over the past 20 years, Brunei's economy has diversified, and now the country has attracted significant foreign investment. During the year, it has risen in the ranking by one position.

5. Kuwait - $ 71,600


A number of citizens is 3.7 million people, and each of them has $ 71, 600. The country is rich in oil and is the fifth in the world regarding proven reserves. Besides hydrocarbons, Kuwait imports pharmaceutical products, food products, automobiles, and many other categories of goods. Kuwait lags far behind other countries regarding health and the average resident of Kuwait lives to 74 years. Falling oil prices over the past year had a negative impact on the economy this country. Kuwait dropped in the ranking by two positions.

6. Norway - $ 67,619


In a country with a population of 5.1 million people per inhabitant is $ 67, 619 of GDP. The country exports oil, gas, and fish. In Norway is very high tax but the tax rate is uniformly distributed among the population. Despite the drop in hydrocarbon prices, Norway improved its performance in the ranking, moving up from eighth to sixth place.

7. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) -  $ 67,201

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Experts have given the seventh line the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where each of the nine million inhabitants has $ 67,201 of GDP. Like most countries in the top 10, the United Arab Emirates have rich oil reserves, which are mainly exported to Japan, Thailand, South Korea, India, and Singapore. Maximum share of GDP falls on oil supplies abroad. Most of the population of the country has a higher standard of living than people in other countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The position of the country has not changed compared to last year in the rankings.

8. Hong Kong - $ 57,676

Hong Kong

A number of residents about seven million people and a per capita accounts for $ 57, 676 of GDP. Hong Kong is the most dependent on trade country in the world. This administrative region exports about as much as he has imported, so it has a near perfect balance of trade. Most of the export earnings are due to gold, which purchased mainly in Switzerland. Its main mass is then sold in China. There are low taxes and a high level of access to the East Asian markets, attracting business in Hong Kong. Hong Kong climbed in the ranking by three positions in comparison with 2015

9. The United States of America (USA) - $ 57,045

The United States of America (USA)

GDP per inhabitant of each citizen in the United States is $ 57 045. At the same time, the country's population reaches nearly 320 million people. Americans are one of the richest peoples in the world. They consume more than residents of other countries. In the United States is a quarter of all goods and services purchased in the world. On average, Americans live about 79 years, which is eight years longer than the world average. The US climbed in the ranking of the richest countries with 13 places to ninth last year. Experts believe that this may be due to the strengthening of the dollar against most world currencies.

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10. Switzerland - $ 56,815


In a country with a population of about eight million GDP per capita is $ 56 815. Switzerland is the main exporter of gold in the world. The country's economy is one of the largest in the world, despite the relatively small size of Switzerland. In Switzerland are the high standard of living and high life expectancy. During the year, the country fell one position in the ranking of the richest country in the whole world.

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