What do freemasons do?

What do you know about freemasons? What do freemasons in the history, who are they for the history? What are freemasons symbols?

freemasons and their lodges

You may have heard some facts about Freemasons and their lodges. There is a history of Freemasons as a secret cult that controls people. Still, freemason cult is a secret society that involves many fantastic people in the world. What do Freemasons do? According to Freemasons symbols and manifest they set up main goals as the enlightenment of nation. They believe in ideals of friendship, kindness, and brotherhood. The freemason cult is also considered to be one of the oldest cults on the planet. It`s not a religion. Still, Freemasons follow ideas of religion and philosophy. Nevertheless, there are too many questions about this brotherhood, but still no answers. Here twenty-seven facts about what do Freemasons do.

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Freemasons in the world

There are five million Freemasons in the world. Most of them based in the USA and the second largest lodge is based in the UK with over five hundred thousand members. The Freemasons brothers and sisters are people of many different segments of a population.

Many people believe that Freemasonry is a secret cult. Still, according to rules of Freemasons, any member of Freemasons can expose the allegiance to the brotherhood. Nevertheless, it does not mean this man can provide information about Freemasons secrets and expose other members of Freemasons without their agreement.

Freemasonry is a secret cult

The historically accepted date of appearance of the Freemasonry can be named June 24, 1717. In this date, the Grand Lodge of London was created and started its full functionality. This date was the beginning of controlling of Grand Lodges over other members in the world.

The society of Freemasons use tools of stonemasons in the educating of the members for love, friendship and morality. Therefore, the main freemasons symbols are square and compass. Other symbols for Freemasons include the clothes of stonemasons as the main building tools for crafting and creating new elements of buildings.

Freemasons include

Freemasons symbols are believed to be a part of secrecy. Nevertheless, these symbols were creating at the very beginning of Freemasons. It was a period when many members of the Brotherhood couldn`t read. The abundant symbolism was created for notification about good deeds of the freemasonry and sending messages.

The oldest symbols in Freemasons history can be named a compass and square. They can also be named universal symbols for Freemasonry. Nevertheless, the accurate definition for both of these symbols can vary from country to country. Still, the origins of these tools are provided to be the same.

Masonic Lodge is not just a name of a building, but a group of people who conduct meetings in that building. Every lodge receives letters from The Grand Lodge. Still, they save autonomy and independence from the Grand Lodge. There is no United ceremony for conducting the meetings in Lodges.

become a freemason

You can`t become a freemason if you are an atheist. One of the main conditions to become a member of Freemasons cult is the faith in something greater than you. Therefore, you would not fight a single member without religious issues here. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Freemasons believe in one God, tolerance is one of the key stones here.

There are two ways of Freemasonry. Grand Lodge of England regulates the first one and the second one is controlled by Grand East of France. If the first one represents the old order and more conservative, the other provides some liberties.

Freemasons can recognize each other by using freemasons symbols, like rings, clothes or just handshaking. The handshaking is very distinctive from a regular one. Nevertheless, every freemasons lodge has its distinctive symbols and rituals by which it`s easy to recognize their members.

Grand Lodge

Anders Behring Breivik, a man who killed more than one hundred innocent people in Norway, was a member of Freemasons. Nevertheless, according to reports from the news, he was dissatisfied with ideas of brotherhood and left freemasonry before started his acts of terrorism in Norway. Still, some people believe that he was still a member of Freemasons when committed the crime.

Freemasons can`t give evidence against members of freemasons. They do understand that it can be the reason of perjury, but giving evidence against Freemasons is much more sinned than any prison existed in this world. Still, if the criminal gives the permission to give evidence, then it`s quite possible.

Nobody of Freemasons can act or speak from the name of all Freemasonry. The Brotherhood consists of many people and organizations. They can be divided by many issues. The only institute that can give an official opinion to the matters is Grand Freemasonry Lodge.

Freemasons can`t give evidence

There is a connection between the Statue of Liberty and Freemasons. The author of Liberty Statue was Frederic Auguste Bartholdi who was also a famous Freemason at that time. He managed to create many statues for countries, like the USA, England, and France.

The stonemasons used secret symbols to identify each other. It was also created to save secrets of the guild from other people. These rituals can be now associated with the Freemasons cult. It`s legacy of Freemasons that was granted to them throughout generations.

The astronaut Bazz Oldrin was a member of Pure Lake Masonic Lodge number 1417 in Texas.  He piloted the lunar module Apollo 11 during first lunar landing with humans on board. During his expedition to the Moon, he had a secret mission to proclaim the Moon as a territorial property under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas. John Glenn was also a freemason.

Statue of Liberty and Freemasons

Kathrine Babington was one of the first women who desired to know much information managed to hide in the place during Freemasonry meetings. Nevertheless, one of the times she was discovered and held as a hostage during one month. She was provided to the police on the condition never to tell about freemasons.

The most well-known freemasons are Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Darwin, John Edgar Hoover and the first president of the USA, George Washington.

well-known freemasons

The Supporters of Conspiracy theories connect Freemasons and Illuminati. Still, it`s not the whole truth about these secret societies. There is no direct evidence about existing illumination, where Freemasons can openly reveal themselves as members of their brotherhood. Nevertheless, the secret society is not secret in vain. There are rules connected to the behavior of the members. Illuminati and Freemasons follow these rules and do not allow other people to interfere.

Hitler though that freemason acquired the control over Jews. Therefore, he killed more than two hundred thousand members of Freemasons during his reign and WWII. He was also desired to illuminate every mention about Freemason's cults in Europe and the whole war. Before his political career, he desired to join the brotherhood, but he received a negative answer.

Freemasons during his reign and WWII

Women can`t become Freemasons in the USA, where European women can be freely granted a place in Freemasons lodges of Europe.

The main object and basis for the religion of Freemasonry are Sun. It`s not a surprise as many secret societies started their religion with Sun worshiping. It`s provided that Sun can be the main light of everything good on the Earth. Sun always represented the best qualities of the world and humanity. The heroes of the Sun were also conquerors of the world and were provided by enlightenment.

According to rules of Freemasons of the USA. All members of freemasons lodges in the USA should believe in God. It does not matter in which God to believe or which methods should be used to show the faith in God, but it`s not possible to become a freemason without faith in God.

The Freemasons Temple in Chicago Illinois was built in 1892. It was a building that consists of twenty-two floors. It was the tallest building in the world by that time. Freemasons desired to create buildings that would provide a perfect ground for meetings and be recognizable from all around the world.

rules of Freemasons

Freemasons always help each other during war periods. There are facts in the history where Freemasons were met in the battles fighting with each other. Nevertheless, some of the freemasons refused to fight their brothers and helped each other to survive during battles. It even traded as treachery.

Freemasons always tried to create something new and wonderful in the world. The masters of all modern monumental buildings in the world, like the Eiffel Tower, The Statue of Liberty, The Statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil and many others were members of Freemasonry.

members of Freemasonry

The Members of Freemasons always hidden in the mystery. They prefer not to open their secrets to the whole world and save their members from any legal prosecution. The cruelest sin that can be conducted by a member of Freemasonry is treachery. The treachery of the treachery of the Brotherhood, the ideals of the brotherhood, the ideals of humanity.

Freemasons exist only on the donation from the members of the Freemasons. The Freemasons Lodges do not pose any property except the buildings where they conduct their meetings.



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