What does UNICEF stand for?

What are purposes of UNICEF? When it was formed? Read the article to learn more about this famous organization!

UNICEF is an international organization operating with assistance of United Nations. It works more than 190 countries. Let's learn about it.

Is UNICEF a good charity

Is UNICEF a good charity?

The fund under the name UNICEF was created on December 11, 1946 according to decision of UN as extraordinary organization for assistance to children, who were injured during World War II. It was supposed that the fund would be temporary. However, in 1953 the UN has expanded a sphere of organization and prolonged the term of its powers for indefinite time. In 1965 Children's fund received Nobel Peace Prize.

What does UNICEF stand for

What does UNICEF stand for?

The main objective of fund is protection of rights of children, their survivals and development. It defends implementation of Convention on Children Rights and on elimination of all forms of women discrimination. UNICEF works in cooperation with governments, international organizations, civil society and youth. In its activity in 191 countries UNICEF places emphasis on low-cost programs stimulating active participation of people.


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Now priority activities of UNICEF are survival and development of children, improvement of quality of education, providing conditions guaranteeing protection from HIV, AIDS and violence, cruel treatment, war and natural disasters.

It conducts extensive work on all aspects of children's health from prenatal period to youth. The fund takes measures for providing access to medical care for pregnant women and strengthening of families' opportunities.

UNICEF kid power

UNICEF participates in universal process of immunization. More than 100 million children were vaccinated against the most widespread diseases. Thanks to that, annually it is possible to save 2.5 million lives. UNICEF buys 65 percent of all vaccines in the world and is their chief supplier.


On logo of the fund it is possible to see globe, against which a silhouette of mother and child is represented. This image symbolizes UNICEF kid power.



As a rule, the Regional office has no opportunity to employ volunteers, but sometimes there is a need for services on free basis. There are special criteria of application for training. To get the information about free vacancies it is necessary to contact Country Officers. In Nigeria they are located in Abuja, Bauchi, Enugu, Kaduna and Lagos. Its contacts can be found on official site.

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