What latest events prove that liberty of speech doesn't exist in Nigeria?

Is there a freedom of speech in Nigeria? How can your right for free speech be violated? Read the article to find out!

Nigerian right of speech

Recently the Nigeria faced the arrest of series of reporters, bloggers and even dog owners. Voice of America provided information that Nigerian right of speech is continually violated. The Committee of Protecting Journalists through its representative, Peter Nkanga, provides reports about violation of rights of Journalists in Nigeria.

One of the cruel episodes happened in June 2015, when a journalist posted the link to a released video of Boko Haram in his blog. The military men came to his house, beat him and threw to jail. The Committee believes that the real purpose of this act was concerned with weapon smuggling in one of the regions of Nigeria, which this journalist tried to investigate.

Peter Nkanga

Some episodes can be comical and threaten at the same time. Musa Azare is a blogger, but unfortunately, his blog was a reason why the government of Bauchi desired to arrest him. Therefore, the police officers from Bauchi travelled more than four hundred kilometers to pin down Musa in his house in Abuja.

Journalists are not the only people who experience the violation of rights of free speech in Nigeria. According to various sources, a man was arrested in the south-western Ogun for naming his dog after president Muhammadu Buhari.

Muhammadu Buhari

The loophole for a politician that provides them the ability to violate the freedom of speech is called cybercrimes. According to this law, almost any phrase, link or video posted by a person can be treated as terrorism, extremism or Coup D’état propaganda. In reality, the politicians use this law to destroy and press on the persons who have guts to oppose them. Moreover, these incidents are not rare and with a high level of corruption, it`s possible to sentence anyone for these types of crimes. Furthermore, there was no punishment for people who oppressed the right of speech.

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