What should we know about Adebayo Ogunlesi?

Did you hear about Donald Trump`s nomination of Nigerian businessman as one of his assistants in the sphere of Economy? Read the article for more information about Adebayo Ogunlesi.

Adebayo Ogunlesi

Famous American lawyer and businessman of Nigerian origin was constituted as a part of the special team of future American President Donald Trump, one of those who are in his Economic Advisory team.

In the forefront of the latest news about the views of newly elected President concerning women and people of other races and confessions, this appointment seems to be a bit antilogous. People are actively discussing that information sharing their ideas.

Here are some interesting facts which everyone should know about the businessman.

How do you like Adebayo Ogunlesi?

He was the first Nigerian person to become a professor at his alma mater. Sounds quite worthy, doesn`t it?

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And also he is the son of the first medicine professor in his native country.

After finishing school in Nigeria, future man of fortune moved to Great Britain to enter one of the best universities in the whole world. Adebayo Ogunlesi is the only black man, who joined the team of Trump`s assistants.

As all the rest of the team, he is a really rich person, he is a member of the billionaire class, in other words, a person with money to burn.

Adebayo Ogunlesi and Trump

Of course, no one stayed on the sidelines after an appearance of this interesting information and now people are actively debating. Some people think that Mr Trump made it on purpose to belie accusations of racism. Others say that future President should not appoint Nigerian to this post because it is better not to trust them.

Anyway, we cannot say specifically where the truth is in this story, we can only keep track of further development.

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